Michael Jackson Hollywood movie reported in the works


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One of the greatest artist ever. Talented, prolific, kind ( massive amount of money he donated to charities). I'm hoping this film will focus that

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Deadline, citing unnamed sources, said the film "isn't intended to be a sanitized rendering" of Jackson's life.

Given that the producer has the cooperation of Jacko's estate, which denounced the doco Leaving Neverland as a "rehash of dated and discredited allegations" the movie is almost certain to be very much a sanitized rendering.

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Everything about this article just feels extremely awkward.

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Some people will just lap this up, but a very few will surely make another small fortune.

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How could Hollywood make a film about this guy? Leaving Neverland destroyed the last shreds of his reputation. The monstrously evil acts he allegedly perpetrated are truly horrific.

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I find it difficult to listen to MJs music anymore. I'm sure the film will be a hit with his base but it feels very sordid that people are going to make a lot of money out of this.

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Will be a hagiography that ignores just how deeply strange he was is my guess.  Hollywood still more focused on making money than recognizing its own deficiencies and the stresses and strains of an image driven celebrity mill.

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Freddie Mercury famously said, with pride, that any movie made about him would be "Triple X" rated. The movie that was made about him by these people came nowhere near Triple X. It mixed up the order of Queen's songs and even gave the impression that Mercury was preyed upon and led astray by predatory gays, the clear baddies in the film.

Michael Jackson was both serially abused and in turn a serial abuser himself. The complicating factor is that he was also one of the greatest singers of all time and probably the greatest and most influential dancer. This means MJ should be absolutely top-drawer material for a film, masses of complexity and contradictions to work with, but I bet all of that is skipped over and we'll just get a parade of hits like the Queen movie.

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No evidence against MJ, he was cleared by courts of law.

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