Michael Moore hopes his film is 'beginning of the end' for Trump


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A not-so-silent group of allies are targeting Trump, and if I was a betting man, I'd say they'll win. More to come, obviously.

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Moore isnt what he was when he first arrived on the scene with his gimmick. Its pretty passe now that we know the routine.

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There have been plenty of people predicting the demise of Trump. Moore is just another but with an over-inflated ego. Sounds familiar. And passe.

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Bowling for Columbine was unique, timely and honest, in the way that Roger and Me was. Since then, he's basically been making the same paint-by-numbers movie in largely the same way for largely the same audience, neither developing his chops as a filmmaker or his message as a polemecist in the process. Moore is a classic example of the kind of tone-deaf ideologue who frequently does the left more harm than good - and I'm farther left than he's ever been.

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I hate Michael Moore more than I hate Trump.

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Moore's movie is just another straw on the camel's back. It's not likely to be the straw that breaks it, but it's another straw in that direction.

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"This is the movie that will end the insanity."

“Roger and me” was okay. Though I’m not a fan of the millionaire movie maker Michael Moore, I find the announcement of his approaching suicide, i.e. “ending the insanity”, rather ... ummm ... ahhh ... none too soon?

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Ike-in-Tokyo, LOL!

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We're already seeing the 'beginning of the end' for Trump. Typical Michael Moore that he thinks he's the one to bring it about.

I don't like NRA no-gun-control types and Bowling For Columbine was a pretty good movie, but I thought his treatment of Charlton Heston was beyond the pale. Couldn't he see the guy was suffering from dementia?

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Michael Moore needs to move on, Americans are getting sick of Hollywood types - Paul Joseph Watson made great youtube video about him


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making the same paint-by-numbers movie in largely the same way for largely the same audience, 

True, and that can be said of 99% of the US movie/documentary directors/entertainers, once successful, they work mostly for their market share. There is no problem in that. Moore has not been elected president or anything. Unlike Reagan and well, Trump.

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Since it strikes at Trump from canada, he will be put on "treator to the state list". Canada is doing like its english queen : politic through art. He probably wasn't received in US to end up in Canada.

I checked most of those so called proof against Trump : they are fake or forge to wider than the reality. That's not politic, it is basic fanatism against the people sovereignty Trump try to incarne. We tend to forget Democrate in US are against many liberties. This is republican who freed the black people.



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I hope it won't be end of the beginnig for Trump. A man who knows the entrance to be top-leader but wandering to find where is the exit of many issues he created.

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Hey, if Stormy Daniels and Omarosa's book couldn't bring down Trump, what makes Michael Too Many Cheeseburgers Moore think that Fahrenheit 11/9 will?

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Moore is just another rich Hollywood slimeball. He mikjed his schtick for a while but everyone srarted seeing through him years ago. Hes not relevant anymore.

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Michael Moore's last good film was Team America: World Police...

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Andrew Crisp, excellent link!

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Trump's treason and ethnic cleansing is spelling it out right now. He already said he ain't going to return the kidnapped children to their parents. He can't turn back time - he has committed gross human rights violations and that Surrender Summit with Putin has revealed his priorities. There's no way he can come clean on anything now.

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Fahrenheit 11/9

Wish I was in Toronto this week to see this film. I love how Michael Moore gives a different perspective that we may or may not like to, but need to hear.

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This is the official TIFF trailer.


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