Michael Moore returns with new film 'Where To Invade Next'


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This movie is well worth watching, but if you blink you will miss it in the very few theatre's it is showing in Japan. Already there are no morning or afternoon screenings in the theatre`s it is now showing at.

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a must see!

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Really looking forward to seeing this.

Not looking forward to inevitable rantings of some posters who froth at the mouth when they hear the name Michael Moore even though they have never watched a single moment of any of his docos.

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Entertaining propaganda. Too bad it's true

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Moore has been good to show real problems we face today.

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The propagandist posing as a documentarian is back.

Michael Moore believes that Slobodan Milosevic should have remained the big man in Serbia, Afghanistan should have remained under Taliban rule, the Hussein crime family should have been allowed to keep Iraq as their own personal property, and that Osama bin Laden should have been considered innocent until proven guilty.

Michael Moore will never make the smallest effort to be objective. At no moment will he pass up the chance of a cheap sneer or a jeer. He cherry picks his facts and distorts the big picture. He lies by omission as you will learn if you see his latest flop.

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Michael Moore will never make the smallest effort to be objective.

Must be like the media you are in thrall to then, Homotenashi.

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Can't wait to see this! I love Michael Moore!

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Moore's a polemicist by his own admission who makes non-fiction films from his own particular perspective. Viewers can make up their own minds as to the veracity/value of his contributions. Those who don't like what he's saying can save their money and give his films a miss - though imho they're often the ones who'd benefit most from giving someone with a different perspective an honest listen. Unbridled capitalism, the lack of access to health care among 40% of the population, 15% of US families in poverty, and the level of gun violence in his country are matters that should be on the agenda of the US presidential candidates' debates, but are not even mentioned.

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He turned his back on his own city of Flint, MI when they had their water crisis. Order out of chaos. A true Lib.

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He turned his back on his own city of Flint, MI when they had their water crisis. Order out of chaos. A true Lib

Really? Please explain the illogic that supports this conclusion. Please also provide some facts.

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I would like to retract my previous comment on Liberal Michael Moore since he actually told the truth (for once) and did support his hometown of Flint, MI very strongly, truthfully and correctly on this issue. He could easily make a truthful movie on the Flint water issue and I would like to see that.

https://youtu.be/w5qdiOFGb-U (4:55)


Michael Moore being misleading or just doing the Lib flip-flop.


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