Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl team up for a pandemic anthem


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A man who truly loves music, Dave Grohl will jam with Everyone at some point! -

Note the Hall & Oates t-shirt, too.

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""Everything’s gonna get really freaky/Alright on the night/Soon it’ll be a memory/You’re trying to remember to forget.”"

Yes indeed, Amen.

Love to see Curt Cobain with them, RIP.

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We are the world. . .

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How old is MIck, by the way? Over 100?

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snowymountainhellToday  07:47 am JST

A man who truly loves music, Dave Grohl will jam with Everyone at some point! -

*Note the Hall & Oates t-shirt, too.*

I saw a pic of Dave Grohl wearing an ABBA shirt too. And the Foo Fighters have played with Rick Astley too.

At the legendary 1985 Live Aid show, the backing band for H & O backed up Mick Jagger. That's where he had his (in)famous duet with Tina Turner, singing 'State of Shock'.

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Jagger looks ahead and sees a “garden of earthly delights” when vaccines are administered and lockdown ends.

Riiiight. "I won't get no, vaccination, ....no no no, that's what I say..."

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Just checked it out on y##tube.

Nothing to get too excited about.

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Boku DayoToday  01:14 pm JST

How old is MIck, by the way? Over 100?

When I first saw the Rolling Stones in 1997 at Ohio State University, Mick performed doing all his notorious wild body language - butt shaking, leg kicks, everything. And he took off his shirt and sang in the late September night chill. On top of that, a Brazilian teacher was about to give him a child soon AND he was about to become a grandfather for the first time. Eh-EHM.

When I saw the Stones again at the same stadium in 2015 (this time as a college graduate), it was during a very grubby humid Memorial Day weekend in late May. Mick didn't exert as much body language this time. He did pace around while while singing but no thrusts, no hip gyrations, no kicks, nothing. He didn't even start jumping at all until the last two songs, and he didn't take his shirt off either (the night was so hot, a thunderstorm broke out at the show's end). In fact, he had a peacoat and a beret on! And this time he was now Sir Michael Philip Jagger. And he had become a great-grandfather the year before! Uh-huh.

Yes, Virginia - the years are finally catching up even on the great Peter Pan of rock'n'roll. After the pandemic is over I'm sure the Stones will be rolling on tour again, you can count on it. If you haven't seen the Rolling Stones play live, they still can put on a terrific show and I highly recommend you go see them. Like the Beach Boys, they are an essential rock that's still around. Catch them while you can, you'll be glad you did.

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Went to many Rolling Stones concerts and festivals. One that sticks in my mind was at Earls Court London in May 1976. The place was huge with a very large Orange Ball looking like a giant orange which opened into segments with the band playing inside. Already 46 years ago.

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I won't get no, vaccination

That's quite funny.

 (in)famous duet with Tina Turner

The only time I've seen Mick Jagger live was at a Tina Turner concert in Osaka (late 1980s). Both were touring in Japan at the time, and Mick Jagger's tour was delayed for some reason, so he turned up at Tina Turner's gig. Good friends, I think.

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