Mick Jagger back to Venice fest with art heist thriller

By Kamil Krzaczynski

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Seen the Rolling Stones for the second time in 2015 and many musical/entertainment icons of my life have disbanded or bit the dust since Motorhead split after Lemmy's death that year. And the Stones keep rolling on and on and ON....

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Lemmy of Motorhead got his name from his days when he lived in Camden Town, London and whenever he met someone he knew he would say "lend me a quid(English pound!)"

"lend me" became "Lemmy". Also knew him from Hawkwind when I worked at times in their office.

The Stones keep rolling on. Greatest band of all time.

Lot of people not around. anymore

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Also knew him from Hawkwind when I worked at times in their office.

I heard from everyone who met him that Lemmy was one of the coolest, kindest dudes around. Did you see Dave Grohl's tearful eulogy at his funeral?

Lot of people not around. anymore

I'll never see some legends like Bowie or Prince now. I saw the inventers of thrash Motorhead before they split, now they're gone forever. I've since then seen (and sometimes met) rock legends like Bryan Ferry, Phil Collins, ZZ Top, Cheap Trick, Bon Jovi, RUSH (split last year), Peter Gabriel, 'Weird Al' Yankovic (he's a trip!), Ziggy Marley (Bob's oldest son), others.

Gotta catch 'em before they're gone for good. Even the Stones won't roll forever.

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