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Mick Jagger to other bands: Make every show count


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Anyone to anyone: "make every moment count"

hardly some revolutionary concept.

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Yeah. Far easier said than done. I am sure their are plenty of teachers who frequent this site. We often do the same thing, or near to it, over and over again. I am sure most of us do our best to give 100% every time, but I am also sure everyone can admit there are days where for what ever reason it just doesn't go well or you don't feel it, you don't have the energy, or you are just tired of it. I love my job, but 240 to 300 classes a year.... I am not going to be 100% for 300 classes. I am also not getting paid 50 million+ $ a year.

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On that basis they should have stopped a decade ago. ;-)

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Keith Richards will still be rocking and making shows count long after even the cockroach goes extinct.

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Don't know what the negative comments are about.

We saw them in Sapporo about 10 years ago and they were BRILLIANT.

It wasn't a show where you had to sit through hours of backing bands for ten minutes of two or three of the main band's tired and worn out hits.

They put EVERYTHING into it. Just as Jagger says.

They were leaping about the stage for a good two hours.

And not just "Honky Tonk Women." and "Satisfaction" either. There were new numbers too.

The Stones are phenomenal!

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That would be the hard part. Your set-list... generally doesn't change much from city to city. The fans... on the surface are going to be the same homogenous mob from city to city. The challenge is to get the feel for the latter and adjust the former accordingly. The Rolling Stones have been exemplary in doing so. I'd be interested in seeing how far they CAN go before "the wheels fall off". Ganbatte Stones!

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Saw them a few years back. Amazing. Already bought my tickets for this years tour. I agree: Keep on rocking: Ganbatte kudasai!!

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