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Miki Nakatani announces marriage to German musician on blog


Japanese actress Miki Nakatani, 42, has announced her marriage to Thilo Fechner, 50, a German viola player for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Nakatani made the announcement on her blog on Tuesday.

Nakatani wrote that she was drawn to Fechner's generous personality that puts others’ happiness before his own. She went on to praise her husband by saying, “As a viola player, he places importance on harmony instead of stressing his own sound. This may be why he’s able to tame a free spirit like me.”

The two met in October of 2016 when Fechner came to Japan. They started dating afterwards and news of their romance was first reported by Sankei Sports the next month. They maintained a long distance relationship that spanned two years and 9,000 kilometers.

Nakatani wrote a handwritten letter to Sankei Sports on Monday, which gathered much praise on social media for her elegant penmanship.

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It seems like a relationship of opportunity for her.

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Nakatani's career is heavily dependant on exposure in Japan, Fechner career is heavily dependant on his performances overseas. one of them will have to compromise to help the others career, I wish them well but it'll be challenging

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That there is a good-looking couple - which is neither here nor there, but still... I wish them all happiness.


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As a German happily married to a Japanese woman, I wish them all the best.

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