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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth call off engagement


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And now Thor is happy.

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I would have dropped her too. In the last few years, she's trying to be somebody that she is not. I was hoping that she would have kept a good head on her shoulders, but as it's looking, she will probably end up making headlines like Paris Hilton and the other alcohol and drug craving ladies.

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Twerk off, Miley.

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Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi And now Thor is happy.

That his younger bro is dropping a woman who seems hell bent on becoming an internationally recognized slut? I'd be very happy too!

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Better to do a long engagement than do a shotgun wedding and face criticism later.

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I think it's better, Miley was treating Liam worse than Katniss treating Gale in "Catching Fire" book..

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Oh no!!! So sad!!! I really thought this was a match made in Heaven!!! So unlike all the other celebrity "relationships" that are not real.

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I would have dropped her too. In the last few years, she's trying to be somebody that she is not.

Who's to say that her previous persona wasn't the act and this is the real daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus? Twerk it Miley! Twerk it good!

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Sadly in the last few years, her career has dropped. Disney has dropped her old series because they view her as a bad role mole after her MTV stunt :/ that was such an utter disgrace. I personally was glad I missed most of it, I've seen clips and I was personally disgusted. I've heard rumors that Liam was disgusted too. I feel bad for the guy, and yet it was a smart decision on his part. Because she would eventually affect his prospects for his future, if she continues her downward spiral. I live in a small town and its all about reputation and so far she's ruining hers. Because everyone I know think she's a disgusting whore from the way she portrays herself. Especially after her recent stunt. :(

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Hemsworth should be happy, No doubt, if they had been married, there inevitably would have been a divorce looming just a few months ahead. Cyrus is such an embarrassment. Let's see how long it take her to break Lohan's record of being an obnoxious spoiled brat?

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I agree with all of you. I can't understand why she got all of those tattoos. I was never into permanent body art anyway on the body; especially on the hands, which she has; that is if they are real.

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I like her.

Haters gonna hate.

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file this under: who gives a crap

perhaps Hollywood should invest their time in mates not in the industry

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Can't say I blame him, if he was the one who called it off. The direction she's taking reminds me a lot of a younger Britney Spears.

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no problem Liam has already got himself a new Mexican flame, Eiza González, make Miley look really average indeed. best way to get over the B is to get right back into the dating game

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"A wrecking ball has hit Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship."


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