Miley Cyrus engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth


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She's marrying Thor?! Good luck to them both! Though I too question if they're mentally and psychologically mature enough to know what they're getting into. The sanctity and meaning of marriage seems to have all but been forgotten these days. Not to mention, it's Hollywood.

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You know, it may last, it may not, but who can say for certain for any marriage really. The odds are against them, but for now at least they are happy and in love and with great hope for their future. Why deny them that?

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@ted: this is the dude from the hunger games... also a game that miley is very good at playing apparently

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Thor was played by his brother, Chris.

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Haven't seen Hunger Games yet. Is it any good? Thanks for correcting me guys. Didn't even know there were two Hemsworths.

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The end of her career coming soon.

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man, does anyone else besides me see divorce in their future? why do people take marriage so lightly?

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@rickyvee, "divorce in their future"--hey, with any luck for us JT readers, about a year from now she will rebound right into the arms of another early divorcee...Ryo Ishikawa! Can't wait for the day.

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