Minami Takahashi to graduate from AKB48 in Dec 2015


AKB48 singer Minami Takahashi announced this week that she will be graduating from the megapopular all-girl idol group next December.

Takahashi, 23, who is is captain of AKB48's Team A and general director of all the sister groups, made the announcement during a concert marking the group's 9th anniversary at the AKB Theater in Akihabara, Tokyo, on Monday night.

She tearfully said: “I have decided to make this announcement today, to allow a year to prepare the new leader to take over my position," Spots Nippon reported.

Takahashi nominated Yui Yokoyama, 22, as the new group leader, and asked fans to continue supporting the group.

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So? Is she going to try and go out like Oshima and get brushed aside too?

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Will she get a DIPloma?

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Oh geez!

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Oh, how will the group go on and will the fan base survive? Can we endure this tragic pain??? Only time will tell.

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Takamina truly was the heart and soul of AKB. It's a very, very sad day to hear she is going to leave the AKB family. I know she wanted to do solo work. I can only wish her well in her new journey next year, and also hope sincerely that Yuichan will take over and do a great job of managing AKB. It's just going to be SO strange to not see Takamina in AKB anymore, but at the same time, I can't think her enough for all the great memories. I also can't tell all of you how much I wish this was part of the Mechaike Dokkiri Takamina JUST did where she pranked everyone and told them she was graduating. Looks like it wasn't a prank after all....

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"graduate"; "captain"; "general director"; "position"; "group leader" ???

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"graduate"; "captain"; "general director"; "position"; "group leader" ???

All the decisions are made for them by the bosses at the agency. Those are just ceremonial titles. Anybody else can replace them.

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who will be her new owner? will they let her have a boyfriend? poor-rich girl

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"Singer" ????

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She will be missed. and can look forward to a great solo career in movies and TV and as a chanteuse.

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Meanwhile in actual news.....

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I will order my "I survived AKB-48 mania". Boring news.

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and can look forward to a great solo career in movies and TV and as a chanteuse.

Or in AV. Wont be much of a solo career though. :3

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Who cares? Graduate? This is the dumbest thing to call it? How about simply, "move on"? This is the thing about J-pop! Pure nonsense. They try to squeeze as much as they can out of a talent that does not exist in the first place. Tearful farewell, blah, blah, blah as if you wont be singing songs to us that you didn't write in broken notes in just a short while. This is not even news. Stop covering this kind of nonsense!!!!

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Finally, the baba retires to make way for a new generation.

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Actually she has been looking kind of hot lately. Maybe she was gearing up with plastic surgery in order to make her move.

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About time.

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The day the muzak died.

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Why are we only learning about this now. We only have a year to prepare.

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Saitama - could be alone. Not an AV fan but believe that there are solo artists in that genre too.

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Well, that's Christmas ruined.

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I wish JT would properly refer to her as "retiring", "moving on" or even "quitting".

I know in Japanese they refer to this as "graduating" but I really wish they'd use the proper English terminology here since this is an >English< news source.

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I get a kick out of all the invidious, petty kibitzers who feel justified to mock Minami and her career. I would love to measure their recognition, accomplishments, talent, intellect, net worth and physical appearance next to hers. I think she's a lovely human being.

And I think the term "graduation" best represents all the connotations of moving on from the enormously educational and character building honor of having been an AKB member. There have been few phenomena in history that have rivaled the innovation and impact of that troupe, and the love they have inspired in millions of people.

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AKB48 racked up (cd sales alone) revenue of 2,540,000,000 yen in the first half of this year (Oricon).Takahashi Minami unconfirmed annual salary is reported as 25 million yen ($244,250 USD) stage48, the wretched result of Yasushi Akimoto exploitative carousel employment system. Girls work together form a union, lobby your customers support, and strike.

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Cause she is getting married to Okamura :P

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Secrecy Bill and recession. .. then that ? OMG lol

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This news is uninteresting. Because, I don't like AKB48. But, I have a good impression toward Minami Takahashi. I think that she did the best very mach. I support to her activity.

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I'm very sad to her that news. Because I like AKB48 and many good girls graduated. But, I think Minami Takashi is strong woman she can do good job! Who will be a top leader next?

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I'm surprised that she's only 23. I thought she was about 30.

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She has done a wonderful job and will be succeeded by someone who will follow her and also do her best. I have great respect for the entire group and they are beloved by many. I am glad to see this sort of news being covered as well as much that is NOT japanese news. well done. And I wish her well.

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I haven't heard them on the radio lately (whew!), but there's this new song which sounds like three girls with a tape deck rapping. It's kind of endearing, but I've heard it 35 times so far this week so..

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I do not want Yokoyama to be the new leader. I like Takahashi more than the Yokoyama. Takahashi should stay the leader and not graduation. I am really missing Takahashi when she leaves. I do not know where she is going to go when she gone from group. I hope it is somewhere better so she will be happy. I do hope that Yokoyama makes a good leader for the team group.

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