Miramax signs agreement to bring its films to Hulu subscribers in Japan


Miramax on Wednesday announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement to bring a broad array of its critically-acclaimed films to Hulu subscribers in Japan.

Beginning immediately, Hulu subscribers in Japan will be able to instantly watch a wide variety of Miramax movies on multiple platforms, including Internet-connected living room devices such as TVs, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles -- in addition to PCs, tablets and smartphones. Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

“We are pleased to partner with Hulu in Japan, which has built a compelling platform in a market we are very focused on,” said Mike Lang, CEO of Miramax. “We look forward to making our terrific movies available to many more television and digital platforms in Japan, as well as other markets throughout Asia, as the audience continues to expand exponentially and new platforms continue to proliferate.”

Films from the Miramax library that will be available to Hulu subscribers in Japan include "Chocolat," "The English Patient," "From Dusk Till Dawn," "Gone Baby Gone," "Good Will Hunting," "Jackie Brown," "Pulp Fiction,""Swingers," "There Will Be Blood," "Scream" and "Spy Kids."

In June, Hulu and Miramax announced a ground-breaking deal for hundreds of Miramax films to stream on the Hulu Plus subscription service and for select Miramax films to stream via the ad-supported Hulu service in the U.S.

Earlier this month, Miramax also announced a multi-year international agreement with another digital platform to stream hundreds of its titles in Latin America, reaching territories including Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. In August, Miramax titles also became available both in the U.S. and internationally (UK and Turkey) through Miramax’s new Facebook app, with plans to add more territories in the future.

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Hey guys, don't you get it? Hulu is targeting the Japanese not foreigners. It's the same thing with J-Com and the movie theaters here. Hulu I believe is trying to get its foot in the door. Japan is a country that moves very slowly. You know that. I could see what Hulu was selling when I checked their page. Most Japanese don't know any better when it comes to what's on US TV or in the movies now.

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OK, I see now. Quality TV programs, but all have been previously broadcast in Japan, on Fox Japan. LOST, 24, Friends, FlashForward, Desperate Housewives etc.. I've seen them all already. I'll wait until there's a bigger / newer line-up before using up my one month free trial. Maybe in a couple years,...

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The selection is limited but it is a new service. Plus all the content has to be either japanese subbed or dubbed which takes times. They also probably have to be release through regular means before it is available. American tv shows that air on cable are usually a couple of seasons behind. The service isn't really for expats.

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I've seen all but one of the films mentioned, so that is not enticing.

"hundreds of films" could be anywhere between 200 and 1999. (Anything more would likely be described as thousands). Of that, I wonder if there would be 12 that I haven't already seen, but would want to. One movie a month, and .... old TV shows?

Bluebris, as the only poster who has found Hulu worthwhile so far, could you give any ideas of things you and your colleagues have found to watch? It might be a matter of having been away from US tv for so long that King of the Hill seems fresh and interesting to your friends, while the negative crowd here is looking for something from the past year or two.) I'm somewhat in the middle.

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...signs agreement to bring all its OLD films to Japan.... Man, if that list if representative of what they have to offer I dont see anything that was released within the last decade or so?

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When Hulu gets American tv shows on the day they air, then I'll sign up. Until then, well, there really is no option that is legal! I'd love a legal option!

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concensus on hulu japan is that it sucks. like previous posters have said, the show selection is laughable, and has no hope of getting any better. after checking out the trial version for a mere 45 minutes (to watch 2 episodes of King of the Hill), I too canceled, then sent a letter to their support and they promised to broaden thier selection in time.

no thanks hulu, you blew it the first time so i'm sticking to my sources on the net. good luck breathing in japan for much longer, hulu.

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When they have more than 10-15 TV shows I'll sign up... compared to the US version Hula Japan is useless... it's cheaper to buy a US VPN and watch the US version.

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warallthetime & pawatan i agree with you both i also looked into hulu and found it was loaded with obsolete old rubbish, why would any one bother paying for the small selection of dated garbage, if they did however get up to date programs and movies it might be a different story.

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warallthetime, I looked at their offerings and thought they were junk, too. They really need to improve things if they expect people to pay for this!

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And my children like You-tube, which they can access directly from the Sony TV. The oldest one (6 years old); knows how to.

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Myself and 4 colleagues have all signed up and can find plenty to watch on Hulu. Just waiting for them to get it working on PS3 and xbox360 now.

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Thanks for the info warallthetime

I will stick with torrents and they are free.

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I signed up for the trial of Hulu as I thought the offerings would be similar to that in the U.S. I cancelled the trial after mere hours. You get a handful of tv shows most that are incredibly dated and movies that are mostly garbage. You would think that if they wanted to combat piracy they could at least come out with a respectable pay service. I can't imagine there are many paying subscribers to Hulu's Japan service. It's garbage.

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