'Mission: Impossible' gets boost on Tom Cruise Day (Oct 6)


Passersby were treated to Tom Cruise's smiling face on the giant screen in front of Shibuya Station for awhile on Thursday night.

Cruise, 49, was announcing his upcoming film, "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." Apparently, someone designated Oct 6 as Tom Cruise Day (10 can be pronounced "To" and 6 can be read as "Mu" in Japanese).

Cruise's beaming face was seen on screens at 25 places in Tokyo, including Shibuya, Shinjuku and Roppongi, and also in Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Cruise, who reprises his character of Ethan Hunt, said in the message (with Japanese subtitles): "I'm Ethan Hunt. I need your help. Let's meet at theaters on Dec 16."

Posters for the film, which opens in Japan on Dec 16, have already been up for sometime in subway stations in Tokyo. Cruise -- who always does something special for his fans in Japan -- has promised to come to Tokyo for the Japan premiere in early December, making him one of the few foreign movie stars to visit Japan since the March 11 disaster (Brad Pitt is also due in November to promote "Moneyball").

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I’m Ethan Hunt. I need your wallet. Let’s meet at theaters on Dec 16.”

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Yeah, it looks hot alright. I wonder If it will be in English. Recently, Kadokawa KK has been dubbing so many US movies into Japanese that its been hard to find a theater that has the original sound track.

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The Mission Impossible has always been a great series that provides some superb action with brilliant setups and although he's underrated, given the right circumstances Tom Cruise delivers a blistering performance in the films that he's been challenged. I love his blue-ribbon screen presence and fantastic intensity however some of his performance are not as impressive at times but over all he delivers and is really an exceptional actor. I saw the previews for the upcoming Mission Impossible flick and it looks hot.

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Stay on topic please.

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Silvester Stallone looks like melted candle wax. Most of those heavily muscled 80s action stars are all turning into amorphous blobs by their late 50s - Dolph Lundgren notwithstanding, because he is literally superhuman. I think the Tom Cruises and Brad Pitts of the world go to show you that a balanced approach to health is better.

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49 is not so bad, compared with Silvester Stallone, that guy will be doing Rambo 15 even at the age of 100.

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Bourne series does it better. 49 yrs old though.. Wow.

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"Ghost Protocol"

Does Ethan battle ghosts in this one?

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I'm glad to see the "Tom Cruise Day" was just a play on the month and day pronunciations, and not another ridiculous attempt to create yet another silly 'holiday' here.

I'll still watch this flick (perhaps not for 1800, but on DVD at the very least). Should be good fun.

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I'm Ethan Hunt. I need your help. Let's meet at theaters on Dec 16

Haha he thinks we will go to theaters to watch movi..oh it's Japan.

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That man doesn't need any money. He's doing it for fun. He loves his job.

I'd like to see what he can do behind the camera though, in the Director's seat.

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I'm Ethan Hunt. I need your help. Let's meet at theaters on Dec 16

I'm Tom Cruise . I need your money. Let's meet at theaters on Dec 16

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