Miyavi and melody. wed in shotgun marriage


Musician Miyavi and singer melody., 27, announced this week that melody. is pregnant and that they had gotten married. They said they had held a small party this week for friends and those close to them.

Miyavi will make a formal announcement on April 5 when he performs at the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall. melody. (who writes her name with a lowercase m and a period) ended her singing career in January and is now working in fashion design.

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No!!! You can't just decide to change the rules because you are Japanese. I doesn't work like that. 'Why Not English?'

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Yeah, it's just Melody as a name since melody is what a song has. Even a dog's name is capitalized so what does this mean? Sorry Japan, you don't control English. We truly haven't a clue what you're doing at the best of times anyway.

You wouldn't want to be confused with MeLoDy or m_Ehludiii . Isn't this a Steve Martin joke from the 90's?

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Definition: A shotgun marriage is a marriage that is forced upon the participants usually because the bride is pregnant.

Doesn't sound like anyone was "FORCED" into marriage here... Is the dictionary or google search function broken at JT again - - or is this just a cute way to attract readership by using sensational & misleading headlines...

It could indeed be a "shotgun" marriage but there is not enough care and attention to details ( read as FACTS ) in this article to justify the headline - do your jobs as reporters and stop "Popularizing" terminology to either suit your cultural point of view or to simply attract readers...

VERY poor Journalism JT - you can do better than this will just a little more effort...

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A shotgun wedding is a slang euphemism to say the bride is preggies regardless of the amount of force used. Anyway, Fredster you seemed to miss the point that the fact of her pregnancy did force upon her to decide to do something. Pregnancy is like that.

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Shotgun wedding was a term used for the situation where the bride's father had a shotgun to keep the groom from running away.

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Fredster- the headline is accurate if only because that's how other posters here- myself included- have referred to the numerous other dekichattakekkon stories here. I will say though it seems like the translators here are expanding vocabulary-wise.

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I assume their kid will have only one name, since both the parents do. What utter silliness. Guess the only question is whether or not they will spell it with a capital letter or lower case. Also, don't any celebrities here practice safe sex, or at least some form of birth control? They are getting knocked-up at an incredible rate. Finally, will her fashion designs include maternity wear?

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neverknow2, melody is American. She was born in Hawaii. She was the host of an NHK j-pop show in English.

I don't think this is a shotgun wedding, since her name is "melody" and not "Bristol" and it doesn't look like the happy couple has to prove anything to anyone.

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I wish them the best. I just hope that they got married cause they love each other and not cause she's pregnant.

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While I cannot say I completely agree with Fredster, my sentiments are exactly the same. A new term needs to made, because "shotgun wedding" hardly fits the circumstances. Pregnancy is not required for a shotgun wedding.

Perhaps "bun-in-the-oven ceremony"? "Three-way wedding"? "Love-in-the-tummy wedding"? "A knot-tying over an early stork"? "A pre-consumated"?

Wait. Here is a good one: A responsible wedding! Its got a nice ring to it. Sufficiently ambiguous. I like it!

What? You don't? Then you think of one Mr. Picky!

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I dont think that melody. choose the right person to marry all the pictures of Miyavi that i see he looks kinda feminine. And i also think they are gettin married because shes pregnant.

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They're getting married cause she's knocked up. If he dropped her that'd destroy her career AND his. So like all good Japanese young couples in " opps " situations, they get married.


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Shotgun weddings really seem to be the "in" thing these days amoung the celebrities- I sometimes wonder, have they never heard of condoms or something? Or is this the way some Japanese women get men to propose? By getting pregnant?

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Miyavi has some crazy fangirls...I worry for the wife.

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Well even though this is out of the blue. I wish them much happiness together and I hope that they can both combine all there plans in this situation. They care about each other and for the crazy fans of Miyavi, now we can see who really likes him for his passion (music) and who are just obsessed by him ^.^

Good luck to all three of them!!!

And afcourse they heard of condoms, but even those things don't work for the full 100% And the name will be with a capital afcourse...they are Japanese, not brainless... -.-''

And wasurenaide...this situation doesn't have anything to do with the so called "latest trend or a way to get married"

Well jya ne


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Their kid will be haafu. punctuated. which will make it a semi-colon.

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Nice title. A runner-up would be "Singer melody misses ."

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Well... from Miyavi's own blogs... this wasn't a shotgun wedding. They've been engaged for nearly a year... so... it's not that...

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