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Miyazaki's 1st fully CG film is story of tiny caterpillar


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Please let it be The very hungry caterpillar, please.

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Cute story. Unlike the "Hello Kitty"movie, this one is certainly worth the 3 year wait.

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Thus will be a short movie, 10 min as mentioned and will only be shown at the Gibhli Museum in Mitaka.

He has retired from full-length aka Cinema movies and will make Musem short movies only. Gibhli had expanded their Studio a lor, now over 3 Buildings as they also make SFX and lufe-action stuff now.

Hope they keep making CM's(love the lazy cat ones), keep designing characters for municipality's and museums, etc. Lots of their stuff in western tokyo, they even designed the bird ashtrays for Musashino-Shi now all gone.

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kibousha: Why would you want an animated version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Part of the beauty of that book is the book format itself -- the irreguarly sized pages, the holes in the pages where the caterpillar ate and you can stick your fingers through (as a child), etc. It's as much a tactile experience as one of looking at the art and of education. Sure, making a movie of it would be cute, but that's all, and far from original, which Hayao almost always is.

I'm sure it'll be something amazing.

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This is the saddest part, quote: Miyazaki lamented... “We no longer use water color, and soon production of poster color for backgrounds is going to stop. I can’t find good brushes any more, and the quality of drawing paper has declined,” he said.

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Every single cell that makes up his movies, are a frameable piece of art.

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This bloke's put out as many "final" films as there've been "final" Who concerts.

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I can only hope that the Museum will provide those short films on DVD.

Love the 2 Short Shorts DVD's that compile their AMV, CM's, and other works like the 2 animations where they RIP themselves off.

Love the Museum but a pain to get a ticket, book atleast 1 week in advance for a certain date and time slot. They only allow X-Visitors per time slot and all the best slots are bought in bulk by the travel agents.

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I can’t find good brushes any more, and the quality of drawing paper has declined,” he said. “It seems the world has been changing fundamentally.”

If I were a paper manufacturer and Miyazaki told me that he would make another film if there were better paper available, I would make drawing paper just for him....anything to be able see another one of his masterpieces.

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The reason Miyazaki's animated by hand films have stopped isn't because of paper, it's because they weren't making money anymore, sadly. Check out the budgets and then the box office, it couldn't be sustained.

While Pixar kept finding fresh talent, Ghibli relied on two men who as they aged became more bitter and cynical about the world and it showed in the stories they chose. I love Miyazaki, LOVE Miyazaki, but he became too agenda based and lost the attention of the children. And Goro doesn't come close to the imagination needed.

Since Ponyo, I think they stopped making movies with children really in mind. Arrietty, Poppy Hill, Wind Rises, Kaguya, Marnie (spellcheck), none of these movies could really be enjoyed by what was the core audience, kids and families. Life lessons don’t have to be taught through slow burn drama to kids. Early Ghibli taught you a lesson without you even knowing it because the story and the spectacle was so engaging.

Only do CG films if you can do it right. Ghibli's current anime, Ronja, the animation sometimes seems odd and uneasy.

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^What Ronja tells us is that you shouldn't use 3D graphics to imitate 2D. Cel shading is a terrible technique.

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There is a caterpillar in the Italian Alps where I am at that glows at night like a bright green LED... its amazingly bright...

They should put one of those in the cartoon! :)

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“Spirited Away,” a masterful, disturbing critique of modern industrialization.

And there I was figuring it was just a tale about a girl in a bath house with some back to nature type stuff thrown in.

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