Model Shiho launches beauty book


Fashion model Shiho this week launched her new book "Shiho's Beauty Theory." Shiho, who has been modeling since the age of 16, told the press she decided to condense the hints and tips she had accumulated over her 18 years in the industry into one easy to understand book.

Her husband, martial artist Yoshihiro Akiyama, 35, agreed that he thought the book would sell and helped her get the project off the ground, she said.

Shiho, who is seven months pregnant, has decided not to inform the public of the gender of her child. When asked if she had thought of a name for the baby, she declined to answer, saying it would give the baby's gender away.

However, she added: "Sometimes these things can be misinterpreted from scans. There are parts of the anatomy that can be missed, right?"

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Usually couples don't want to know the sex of their baby themselves, but I'm not sure why in this case they care what the public knows. I'm not criticizing them, just trying to understand the logic here.

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dont think its so usual that couples dont want to know the sex. some want to know so they can prepare.

there's a couple from canada or the states, whatever, that has kept the gender of their baby a secret, saying its their right and that exposing the gender would open the baby up to discrimination. the older sons are allowed to wear whatever they want, dresses included. very, very puzzling?!?

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@sharpie: that made me laugh.

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This is an article about a model releasing a book about beauty...... let's see a picture of her JT.

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sharpie: can't see the relation...

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Model story + No pic = Fail

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Usually couples don't want to know the sex of their baby themselves

As someone who regularly looks at pregnancy and baby forums, I totally disagree- I would say 80-90% of people want to know, it's unusual these days not to find out. Some people after finding out then decide to keep it as a surprise for the other people they know- not really sure why people do that, I agree on that part.

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Personally, never cared about the sex of my off-spring(neither did my J-wife). I know some cultures value one sex over another one and will abort if not the right one.

Personally confused about that people want to know early because they want to decorate the nursery accordingly, like the new-born truly cares.

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Sure people want to find out for themselves rather than for the sake of the newborn, and most in this country and in the cultures most people commenting here come from have no intention of aborting if it's not one or the other.

We don't have a nursery as the baby sleeps in our room, but we wanted to know for various reasons- so we had an answer for the people who constantly asked "do you know if it's a boy or a girl?", so we could focus on one sex while trying to narrow down the name selection, and also just out of curiosity- what's wrong with that? I wasn't hoping for one or the other, but finding out which one you will have is part of the fun, and now we can do it early, why not?

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I respect Shiho. I think that she is excellent as woman.

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I don't respect Shiho, she is a model.

I respect doctors, police, firefighters, teachers, nurses etc. You know, people who actually work.

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Sharpie- I remember reading about that. Very strange. Now he's branded "genderless" when the in fact his parents wanted him to be raised "gender-neutral"... They named the baby Storm Stocker... LOL

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