Momoe Yamaguchi's songs to become ringtones


Momoe Yamaguchi, a famous singer who retired at the height of her popularity in 1980, will have her music immortalized as mobile phone ringtones for the first time.

The move commemorates both the 30th anniversary of the singer's retirement, as well as the 50th anniversary of her management agency, Horipro. The melodies will be available for the next four weeks after Yamaguchi's 51st birthday on Sunday, with a total of 274 songs available. One video will also be released weekly of the singer's legendary "Nihon Budokan Sayonara Concert Live."

From her 1973 debut song, "Toshi-goto" to her last single in 1980, "Ichi-e," Yamaguchi's eight-year career as a legend of the Showa era will be immortalized through 274 ringtones. The songs will be available once a week.

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The voicemail ringtone will be "play back."

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music immortalized as mobile phone ringtones

what's wrong with this picture?

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immortalized as a ringtone hahaha. the annals of pop history will have to be rewritten, I'm still reeling woooah mama

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undr arm hair used to be popular

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Momo-chan looks set to bump Crazy Frog off the top of the ringtone charts!

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her songs already sound like ring tones.

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I remember watching beautiful Momoe-chan sing on TV in the late 1970s - I think I even bought one of her tape cassettes. Should dig it out and give it a play...

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