More 'Thrones'? George R.R. Martin signs five-year HBO deal


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Like Tywin Lannister, Game of Thrones died on the toilet. GRRM will NEVER finish the Songs of Ice and Fire.

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I bet he hasn’t even finished signing the contract yet!

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@ Mark

The contract is probably longer than the last book. Still waiting George

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Typical film/tv industry. Beat a horse until it is good and dead. Even the later GoT seasons were going downhill.

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A 5 year deal? The first 3 chapters of 1 book then, HBO to wing the rest and screw it up like they did GOT.

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George I'm begging you please just finish writing the books. You can have your cookie after dinner. Please just write the books.

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MarkToday 11:14 am JST

I bet he hasn’t even finished signing the contract yet!

Zing! Very good, made me laugh.

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More and more commercial fantasy garbage for the silly fans, same as Star Garbages..

Pathetic world.. Pffffff....

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Alas, we all ‘love fantasy. @kentarogajin 6:25am. For example, GRRM wrote stories, plagued by a ‘mythical’ being, like yourself, self-deluded ‘media darling’ and favored ‘morning troll’, with His ‘often overlooked’, daily ‘shenanigans’, yet never really offering anything productive to stimulate any dialogue. Introspection and creativity was his bane.

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