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More movies pulled, delayed following earthquake disaster


The earthquake on March 11 has had a negative impact on the country's movie industry. Some prints of foreign movies were unable to to arrive at theaters as scheduled. Although modern movie theaters can project digital prints distributed on USB memory sticks, theaters in regional areas do not yet possess the technology to do so. Traditional prints can weigh between 20 and 30 kilograms per reel and must be distributed by truck.

In addition, distribution problems and fuel shortages have resulted in confusion among cinema chains, causing the postponement of the release of movies such as "The Rite" in Japan, with further delays anticipated. Warner Bros, for example, has been unable to deliver prints of "The Rite" to up to 280 movie theaters nationwide due to shipping difficulties and is unable to give an expected delivery date.

Warner Bros earlier this week pulled the film "Hereafter" from theaters because it featured tsunami scenes. "The Rite" was scheduled to open this coming weekend. It stars Anthony Hopkins, 73, as a priest who battles the devil in the heart of the Roman Catholic Church. The movie contains morbid imagery which Warner Bros fears may be particularly upsetting for moviegoers in light of recent events.

Meanwhile, Paramount Pictures, distributor of the hit Coen brothers movie "True Grit," has also announced that it is currently in talks with shipping companies in an attempt to determine whether or not it will meet its proposed March 18 release date.

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People can restrain from going to theaters, but they can watch movies at home and attend other business venues. Charity concerts and similar activities are recommended for everyone to attend and support. On other perspectives, Japanese people still need to maintain their normal business activities, even tomorrow is unknown. Optimism is a solution. Are there any wedding ceremonies in Tokyo and other cities? or they have to postpone? Who know what happen tomorrow, so they need to do now. That is my advise, except don't do something aggressively in public. Japan cannot be frozen in both societal activities and economic matters. Everyone needs to move forward, other concerns are in hands of the governments and experts ... regular people still need to look forward to working, living and doing their activities. We can share and help people in northeastern prefectures, but everyone is supposed to fulfill their jobs, family responsibilities and production ... DON'T LOSE YOUR BREATH, TOMORROW IS A SUNSHINE DAY .......

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This was a business decision. Nobody wants to go to a movie, with hopes of escaping reality, only to be reminded of it. I say it's a smart move by the distributers. Few years ago in the states, the movie "Phone Booth" was held from release for a while because of the DC Sniper. And there was an Arnold movie regarding terrorists that was released shortly after 9-11 that received much criticism.

But as an avid moviegoer, while I understand the reasoning behind these decisions, I'm rather disappointed. I wouldn't have found it offensive, but as I've said, it's a business decision.

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Well, I'd just like to see ANY movie in the theater at this point. Both theaters near me closed. I wish they were reporting that.

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Which theaters are closed in tokyo, chiba and kanagawa ?

Does anybody have information on this ? I want to see a movie this weekend.

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Most shopping malls are reducing power because of blackouts.

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it sounds more like they are having problems with distribution rather than pulling them, there is huge difference. Also, I wonder if anyone is going to buy Ponyo any time soon?

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It may be off topic, but last Sunday I was able to catch the new CGI Disney film "Tangled" at the HUMAX theater in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City (the one right next to Tokyu Hands), which just opened in theaters last Saturday. Such a movie was great escapism for a little while given all that's happening, so I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good animated romantic comedy.

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it sounds more like they are having problems with distribution rather than pulling them, there is huge difference

I doubt that. The distribution problem is an excuse for a decision not to show movies that may shock a segment of the population, creating negative publicity.

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There has been a huge decline in foreign movies lately here anyway due to younger people being annoyed at reading subtitles. This will only hasten the demise of foreign film over here except for HP VII and the like.

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