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Morning Musume '14 to perform for first time in New York City


All-girl pop group Morning Musume' 14 announced during a concert on Monday night that they will perform for the first time in New York City. The performance is scheduled for Oct 5 at the Best Buy Theater on Broadway.

Morning Musume has performed many times overseas in the past - in 2008 in Taiwan, South Korea and China. In 2009, they appeared in Los Angeles during the Anime Expo, and in 2010 the group sang at the Japan Expo in Paris.

The upcoming concert in New York City is the first time the group has performed overseas in four years. Except for the group's current leader, Sayumi Michishige, who will be graduating from the group in the fall, this will also be the first time any of the current members have performed abroad, Spots Nippon reported Tuesday.

Following the announcement at the concert at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo, Michishige told the audience, "I am so happy to have one last challenge before leaving the group, and to have a chance to take the current 10 members to NYC. And to those of you who can afford to come all the way to New York, please do so."

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Nice. :)

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"And to those of you who can afford to come all the way to New York, please do so.”

Is she worried about attracting local fans?

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most Americans dont even know morning musume... now, if they are to do this in Taiwan/Korea, that'd be another story.

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Are they still relevant?

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Are they still around? They have been around since I was a high school student in the late 90s. Sort of a mini-AKB. I don't remember any of their songs.

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poor Americans...

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Gokai, how can you not remember Love Machine? Not only was it a massive hit on Japan, they still use it in TV commercials =

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AKB48 was successful when they performed in New York. I think Mourning Musume '14 can do the same. Keep in mind New York City has plenty of Otakus and is the Akihabara of America.

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My wife and I recently were at La-LA Port and they had some girl group wih about 10 members and all looked like mid-teens performing on a makeshift stage. What struck me was the audience and noticed that it was mostly men who were not in their teens and of, how should we say, less than desirable qualities and lets say marriage is not in their futures.

If I were a father to any of these girls I would have ended her involvement immediately. It will only be a matter of time before some stalker takes one of these girls out. Ironically, they may be safer in a New York performance.

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