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Morning Musume to perform at Japan Expo in Paris


Popular all-girl J-pop group Morning Musume will perform at the 2010 Japan Expo in Paris on July 1.

Japan Expo is an annual festival celebrating Japanese pop culture. The festival takes place every year in July and thus far has been held exclusively in France. The 2009 Japan Expo attracted approximately 150,000 visitors.

Morning Musume, which began as a J-pop idol group in 1999, is known for their ever-changing line-up and numerous spin-off groups. Their single “Love Machine,” released in 1999, was a major hit.

Morning Musume’s lead singer, Ai Takahashi, announced the trip will be her first time in France. “I’m very excited to bring our music to listeners outside of Japan,” she gushed.

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-_- I want them to come to New York..

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I want them to come to New York..

Personal invitation? you must be a rich person, hope UP-FRONT AGENCY will fulfill your wish soon :)

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There are only 8 of them in the photo. Where are the other 48 members? Or is it 60?

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and I am sure the French will be wowed by the childish drivel this band produces

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I think it's got to be about 100 members now, no? Or is that Exile... or AK47 (or whatever they are called)?

Anyway, is this going to be another example of the 'kawaii girls' Yokoso Japan group that embarrassed themselves a couple years back?

I'd say it won't really have much of an effect; those that already don't see much in the culture here will rightly turn their noses up at the group and just scoff, while the boom in manga/anime culture in France will lap up the inane and childish lyrics.

And I think they should add a 'once' before the 'popular', so that it opens, "Once popular all-girl J-pop group..."

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I wonder if the French realize that two of the members are from China?

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Ler Puke!

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Ahh the french don't deserve such awesome music.

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well most people who go to Japan Expo are allready manga culture Japanesse addicted, so i'm sure they know all about Morning Musume allready

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I hope the French like tone deaf singing girls. Bring SMAP along for a real treat in talentless entertainment.

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talentless entertainment.


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The French got "nolife" a channel about japanese culture, which air Morning Musume music. They probably know them well enough. I know somes fans miss Kusumi Koharu who gratuated. I've read about them wanting to petition for her, long before MM got invited. I'm french canadian, and follow their fan's website.

I attended Morning Musume's concert last year at Los Angeles, and i expect as much or even more energy this year in Paris.

Yeh, after Los Angeles, and Paris. Montreal or New York (On the America's EST side) would be great... but, for that i'm powerless.

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i used to not like them, but right now, they actually have pretty good songs. the leader, takahashi ai, is a talented singer and so is tanaka reina.

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I agree 100% with you kisekicaro about aichan and reina-chan.

On a side note Japan Expo is held from July 1 through July 4. Morning Musume's concert will be on July 2. This news confuse me into thinking it's July 1 but it's not.

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"their fan's website"

just the one fan?

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