Morrissey claims sex assault at US airport security


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If true, it certainly wouldn't be the first time airport security have acted inappropriately. Just last April in fact...

"Two TSA Officers Fired for Scheme to Grope Attractive Men at Denver Airport" http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/two-tsa-officers-fired-scheme-grope-hot-men-denver-airport-n341596

On numerous occasions I have seen U.S. airport security verbally mistreat visitors to the U.S. Many of these people are on power trips, and the TSA does a horrible job of vetting and overseeing their employees. Time for them to clean up their act.

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Dude the TSA strip searches infants, little boys and little girls and their "normal" procedures for patting down is more invasive than being molested...

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Home of the free, land of the brave.

Yeah right.

USA- Police state... and what are you going to do about it?

Go ahead and try to vote yourselves out of this mess, you can choose CFR candidate 1 or CFR candidate 2.

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Come on people, we're talking about Morrisey, I'm a big fan of his music as well as the Smith's, but seriously.... But as far as the groping issue, what can you say, it's the TSA a total and useless organization (as to why we need them now since most of them aren't doing their jobs well anyway is way beyond me).

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LoL, the TSA dude must've thought Morrissey a "handsome devil."

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Is that a TuBE Steak, or are you just HAPPY to LEAVE the USA ?

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I'm ashamed of the TSA

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Haha love that! Well I guess the Manchester moaner has something new to moan about now!

That said jt thanks for the reminder I should AVOID the US if at all possible, sounds like they are still pissing off a lot of people & molesting some as well!!!

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<>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCRzHBq095M Well, they're NOT quite like THIS yet.

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Morrissey: ==> Just "A boy with a thorn in his side"


If they don't believe us now -Will they ever believe us?

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Now we know why --- when tested by the FBI --- the TSA failed to locate explosives and weapons to the tune of 95% of the time. They're looking for ++ahem++ "other 'things'"...

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TSA: sir we are going to search your groin area. passenger: why!? TSA: because it looks like your consealing something. passenger: nothing consealed there!, ive just got a big tool. TSA: sorry sir we still have to search. passenger: Ok as long as its a woman doing it, I dont like men touching my junk.

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So touching a person in a sexual way is standard procedure now? Welcome to the US.

The US already has the rudest and most ignorant immigration staff, now the TSA have made travelling to the US as a foreigner even worse.

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Sounds like standard foreign policy: touch everything, understand nothing.

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Come hell or high water, I will not go nor transit anywhere in the USA.

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We have to ask why? Why is everyone searched by the DHS? Is it because kids, senior citizens and ageing white punk rockers blow up planes????

The reason is much more insidious than that...,.,

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@badsey3 Happy days.

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"Heaven knows I'm miserable now."

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His fault for going to that country to begin with... On my way to Waikiki, the last thing I needed is some fat bastard touching my junk and counting my balls... enough to ruin my week ...

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@ebison Actually, it sounds kind of fun :P

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Not surprised. A couple years ago between connections, the security man at San Francisco Int'l Airport had me undo the front of my trousers, pull my tee shirt up, raise my arms like I was on the cross, frisked me and then ran his fingers through the inside of my trousers at the top. You can imagine how this feels after just getting off of a 10+ hour flight. I guess he thought I was travelling alone, even though I was with my wife and kids at the time.

I don't think he was getting off on me (I hope not anyway) but I do question whether a power trip is involved since they have the authority to fondle anybody they like for no reason.

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