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Motley Crue to retire, plan 72 goodbye concerts


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Retire? 72 concerts sounds more like a comeback! Anyway good on them! I don't usually prefer their style of music, but I respect their craft and dedication!

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I saw the Crue open for Ozzy in 84 back when they were still legit. Saw them a few years later in 88 with Whitesnake and they had lost it by then. Alice is pushing 70 and he will blow them off the stage. After all these years, Mick Mars is the only member left with any credibility and integrity. They should have called it quits when Corabi left.

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Never listened to them beyond one song (can't remember the name), and do not like heavy metal, but totally respect them and their dedication to rock. Enjoy the final tour.

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Sounds like a "going out of business" scam.

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I went to the 2013 concert... there was so much pot there! Midgets and 12 foot tall women!

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Haha! At first I misread: Motley Crue, 72, to retire.

And thought to myself, well, those old fogies certainly deserve a rest!

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72 shows, calling it retirement is a ploy to get it sold out.

I sorta liked their Girls Girls Girls video when I was like 14, there was no internet, and I couldn't imagine how to get a girlfriend yet. But not a fan of the music...

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I worked with their first record label, and was on the promotions team for their first LA show at The Whiskey A Go Go in 1981. Frankly, I'm amazed they've lasted so long. Most of us thought they were a soon-to-pass gimmick band. Still have a demo pressing of Too Fast For Love.

Gotta say, not really a fan, but that was a good show. I was always more a Black Flag, Dead Kennedys kind of guy. For a very short time, there was a crossover Punk-Metal approach to the Crue in LA, but that didn't last long.

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That's nice of them. 72 concerts, one for each person who still care about Motley Crue.

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Ah yes, this is probably the 3rd or 4th time they've done a "farewell" tour...

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