Motorhead frontman Lemmy dies of cancer at 70


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RIP Lemmy-san!!!

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"Born to lose. Live to win"

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This news has been tearing around the metal community all day. RIP. I was never a fan, but I respect what he did for the genre.

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Wow, he just found out on Saturday. That was fast.

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I've never heard of anyone dying that quickly from cancer. It must have been very aggressive.

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He lived that long? RIP

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I remember that hit song from 'The Young Ones'. RIP.

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The chase is better than the catch, I guess, Lemmy did not run enough fast this time. RIP.

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Shocked! RIP Lemmy... Going to Brazil

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I'm genuinely sad to read this. I saw Motörhead live in the 90s and Lemmy was a force of nature.

Proper rock n' roller.

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Have a drink or few.

Cheers! You will be missed. One of the greats!

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On a 1988 tour of Finland, Lemmy was asked by one journalist why he had kept going for so long.

"We're still here," he replied, "because we should have died a long time ago but we didn't."

"Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil. Going with the flow, it's all the game to me." Ace of Spades, Motorhead

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Wow! Couldn't believe the news. RIP Lemmy. The guy was a very fast bass player and had a real unique raspy voice, combined worked just all so well melodically. His style of piaying bass and the sound of his Rickenbacker gave his music a real hard edge and yet, funky style. Gonna miss the guy, indeed a great loss.

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Apparently he died just 2 days after being diagnosed. Sounds like a bad cancer anyway, but he lived unknowingly with it for quite a while before it being discovered. RIP Lemmy.

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I saw them in 1982 at, where else but Hammersmith. Couldn't hear properly for a week after. A third of the audience were punks. And Lemmy thought his music was not heavy metal. He didn't like his iconic status either. Maybe thought it was "Overkill". Vale Mr Kilmister.

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I saw them a few times . . . Last in 2012. Motorhead pulled a set, then Slayer and finally Slipknot headlined the stage, summer 2012 Mayhem Fest. RIP Lemmy! The gods of rock are saluting you!

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R.I.P legend lemmy at least he didn't suffer that long

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Was a BIG Hawkwind fan, saw them first with Lemmy in 1973 and saw one of Motorhead's very first shows in August 1975. Saw them a number of times after that and Lemmy was a god. Met him on a number of occasions and he was NEVER a disappointment. The word Legend is over used but here it is entirely appropriate.

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