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Muppets creator Jim Henson gets a documentary as exciting as he was


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An amazing man, creating subversive characters,who had to relocate to London in order to produce a regular show, thanks to Lord Grade (look him up).

Labyrinth was awesome,just badly promoted.

The recent films,revived by the bloke who looks like Seth Roger,are pretty good..

I work surrounded by these guys,so props.

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Jason Segel.

I researched it thoroughly.

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A legend. I've not watched any Muppet shows or movies since he died. It's not the same without him. The same when Mel Blanc died and the Warner Bros cartoons. An irreplaceable talent.

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I'm not sure how one can not watch any of the shows since he died and know that they aren't as good since he died, but the Muppets were awesomely good. The are an iconic troupe. Some very few of their stuff done since Henson died were okay, though not great. The documentary is something I will definitely watch. He was a genius.

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When Jim Henson died it was such a shock to everyone around. I was in college at the time and all of us from various backgrounds, upbringings, religions, races, colors, musical tastes, etc. were all bummed out that spring in 1990. He was a hero of our generation, Generation X. And beyond.

Yes, it was a new decade, the Cold War had ended peacefully and things were pretty much smooth and calm. But by the end of the 90s the world wouldn't be recognizable at all. Everything had changed and fun had all but been abolished,

Jim Henson enriched all our lives and his legacy will last forever!

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