Movies love a comeback story. This summer, it's their turn


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Russell Crowe as Zeus and Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher

This is some impressive Deadpool level casting.

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By ‘comeback’, they mean “sequel, prequel, reboot, rehash, redo, doodoo, …” .

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So wished it was a comeback for the theaters. Missed are the days when I didn’t have to sit isolated, pretending to be in sterile zone of protection on a weekday morning and could ‘enjoy’ the raucous laughter of the others patrons,

even if it was a bad summer movie.

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By ‘comeback’, they mean “sequel, prequel, reboot, rehash, redo, doodoo, …” .

And when you think it is an original, it is actually a redo of another country's movie such as this year's Best Picture winner. I was watching previews of that "Senior Year" movie and told my wife it looked funny. She said it was basically a comedy version of a Japanese movie made years back. Then I watched the Japanese zombie movie "I Am A Hero" from 2015. Some parts of the movie looked like it was taken from "Dawn of the Dead" and parts of this movie was taken for the Korean zombie drama from this year's "All of This are Dead."

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I'm actually super stoked for Jurassic World: Dominion. The brought back some of the original cast and it just looks like an overall good flick. Then there's Downton Abbey and that's just a delight. Also, Maggie Smith. As for movies like Firestarter, why? Who wanted a reboot so badly that they actually made one? Siiiiiiigh. I feel sad for this generation of kids who have to grow up with sequels, prequels, reboots and remakes. Where's the originality?

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These are all fine and good, but I’m just waiting to see The Iceman teeth bite!

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Naw, Japanese movie theaters are too overpriced and expensive and the experience is just not as good as in the States. I'll just stream all the good stuff coming. For me: Looking forward to House of Dragons and Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Anything else can wait until it becomes available online.

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Your POV understood @bass. I’ve been going just to get out of the house on accession AND just to see how bad some of these turn out, most due to the current producers insistence of agenda over just good storytelling.

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In your preferred genre @bass, curious of your thoughts as why The Northman (2022) perhaps wasn’t included/omitted/overlooked here? It’s been getting worldwide attention. Here’s one Spoiler-free review:

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The Northman (2022) perhaps wasn’t included/omitted/overlooked hereIt’s been getting worldwide attention. Here’s one Spoiler-free review:

Now that one I will see. Loved the show Vikings.

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Are there no more talented, creative writers out there that could come out with something new and fresh. If only Spielberg hadn't made a remake of West Side Story, but an original instead. It might have encouraged others to be original and given a breath of fresh air to a stifled industry

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Rolf AndersonMay 7  09:48 pm JST


Looks like no new blockbusters this summer. Just mostly rehashed stories but with a woke message and woke wahmen forcibly inserted.

Business as usual.

snowymountainhellMay 7  08:20 am JST

By ‘comeback’, they mean “sequel, prequel, reboot, rehash, redo, doodoo, …” .

Recycle the trash. Zzzzzzzzzzz.........

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