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MTV Australia to rock Japan


MTV Australia is to bring its awe-inspiring winter live music event, MTV Snow Jam, to Japan for the first time ever as the MTV Japan Jam VIP Tour, presented by Jagermeister and sponsored by Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

The ultimate northern hemisphere VIP winter experience, the MTV Japan Jam 30+ person traveling tour will include 3-piece dance punk band Art vs Science, Tokyo’s trend setting music artist Mademoiselle Yulia, Sydney based DJ Anna Lunoe, MTV VJs Erin McNaught and Darren Mc Mullen, guest presenter and snowboard guru Mitch Tomlinson and leading international pro snowboarders, including Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony star Johnny Lyall, Canadian legendary pro Kale Stephens and Japanese Endeavour Snowboards veteran pro Shingo Kawano.

Taking a 10 day, once-in-a-lifetime adventure, the MTV Japan Jam crew will crisscross Japan from Tokyo to Niseko in a whistle-stop tour that will combine the snow-capped music frenzy of MTV Snow Jam with the mystique and intrigue of Japanese culture.

Kicking off in Sydney on Feb 17, the crew will travel to Tokyo, checking out the hot spots of the metropolis before attending a glittering reception and exclusive VIP party at the iconic Hilton Tokyo with special guest DJ and Japanese pop style icon Mademoiselle Yulia. Then it’s off to snowboarding in Niseko, where the entourage will be for six days at the Hilton Niseko Village. Coming to a sizzling finale on Feb 24, the tour will wrap up with an free open air concert featuring live performances by Art vs. Science, DJ Anna Lunoe and other special guests, set against the live action of the pro snowboarders hitting a massive jump as they battle to win the crowd’s approval and an MTV Japan Jam cash prize.

All of the action will be filmed by MTV Australia and will be broadcast as multiple 2 minute segments pieces on MTV – channel 124 – from March 14 and live updates during the tour and extra special behind the scenes action will be available to view on mtv.com.au/japanjam

MTV Japan Jam will be presented by Jagermeister, sponsored by Hilton Hotels & Resorts and supported by The Niseko Resort Association, Endeavour Snowboards and STA Travel.

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Thanks for the information.

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Art Vs Science! I love the video for Parlez Vous Francais !

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Great, if we didn't have enough with Jpop, Kpop.. now they have to bring us the aussie pop?

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No Air Supply???

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I like "Air Supply".

the crew will travel to Tokyo, checking out the hot spots of the metropolis

Oh, my, another feature covering the same stuff that been covered for Years and are NOT the true Hot Spots but rather found by reading an off-shelf tour-guide book.

Lets see who can name them all beforehand, I start Aki...., Ropp..., Shib...., Shinj...., etc = boring.

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I still love the Beegees, I think they were before Australia had MTV right?

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No, men at work will be coming :)

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Toss in Rose Tattoo, The Angels along with The Lime Spiders and I'm there. Otherwise, you lost me with the "dance punk band." Huh?

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Oh god, this will make more Aussies and, to a lesser extent, Kiwis go to Niseko and injure themselves and then complain to their insurance companies that nobody speaks English and that they can't cope. Seriously guys, it's a foreign country with a different set-up to the medical system - either accept that and adapt to it, or don't go! Your travel insurance company isn't going to send someone over to hold your hand - you'll just have to toughen up! (Aaaaah, that's better - been wanting to get that off my chest for a few weeks!)

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