MTV to let stars loose in an unscripted awards extravaganza


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As a writer, this makes me furious. Yet again, some idiot producers want to cut even MORE corners, by not wanting to pay writers, but happily milk more of a pay cheque for themselves and devalue the entirety of culture in the process. Get set for the WORST "extravaganza" in history. Good job, MTV. Sucking successfully est. 1999

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Bet this is a train wreck.

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Haven't watched that trash since after the first year of it on cable.

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MTV is just desperate. Reminds me of when TV shows started doing "live" episodes to try and save the ratings. Just wait until Kanye gets on stage and is worse than usual, and I do t even want to think of the politics that are going to fly with Trump advocating black deaths for votes, BLM, and other stuff. Going to be a train wreck indeed.

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People still watch MTV?

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People still watch MTV?

Not if you're old

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