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Multi-million pound Sex Pistols collection to go up in flames


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It would end up going on some banker’s wall. That’s who’d buy it and that wouldn’t satisfy me very much.

And he can't swallow his pride to give a few million to charity, it seems.

I'll burn my Agent Provocateur thong in protest.

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Overprivileged hipster twat .

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If he does pull this stunt I hope The Police are on stand by.

Don't Stand So Close To Me fire?

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I find him an inspiration. Of course it would wind up on some banker's wall. Who else could afford it? Also the S.P. were not that great. Just burn it all to continue the punk ideology. Why sell it to go against everything they represent?

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@chop chop, nope he did it. He also did it on a river boat, so that no one could stop him....

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That's punk rock attitude. Burn it, laddie. Burn it all.

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The KLF burnt a million pounds in 1994 on Jura and wrote a book about it. They pretty much burned all the money they had.

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No, no, no!

This could be very dangerous. Best to just throw it in the trash and be sure that professionals will burn it safely Would hate for this idjot to burn his neighborhood down and hurt anyone. If he does pull this stunt I hope The Police are on stand by.

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The English Beat out fires like this all the time. No need to call 999.

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If John Lydon is so upset over the lost opportunity for charity he could easily do some Sex Pistols reunions and donate the cash. He won't though. Unfortunately punk is indeed dead and the likes of Lydon have become what they once purported to despise - HYPOCRITES.

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Just as well, Sex Pistols were not great music and Sid Vicious was a burnout. The Clash with London's Burning is significant and not to be burned.

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Let me guess. Mr Corre has plenty of money and does not give the proverbial toot about anyone else.

Donate it (proceeds of sale) to homeless people if you don't want it yourself

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Joe Corre said he would burn Sex Pistols records, clothing and other ephemera on the 40th anniversary of the release of the band’s debut single “Anarchy in the UK”.

Do it now! Why wait until Saturday?

Anyway, I bet he won't do it because the value is too much for him to do it and he will change his mind at last minutes.

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John Lydon, wtf happened to you yay sell-out bugger!?!

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He's right. Burn it.

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All of us die and get lost in history. Burn the stuff.

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