Mum's the word as Hamasaki returns to Japan


Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki, 33, returned to Tokyo late Monday night, but was quickly whisked through the arrival terminal without speaking to the hordes of media who were hoping she would comment on last week's announcement about her impending divorce from Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz, 31.

Hamasaki arrived at Haneda airport from Dubai where she has been working. Wearing sunglasses and a white face mask, she kept her head down as about 10 staff members from her agency shielded her from the media.

Since Hamasaki made the divorce announcement through her official fan club last week, she has only made one short reference to it since -- on Twitter. "Never regret anything coz at one time it was exactly what u wanted....." she tweeted.

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she can keep mum for all i care.

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“Never regret anything coz at one time it was exactly what u wanted…..”

By the way this is quoted, she can speak/type in english slang?

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Wearing sunglasses and a white face mask

Maybe she changed her last name to 'Jackson'.

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Hi Ben, How do the mods allow you to keep the raunchy User Name? Just wondering. Maybe they do not get it.

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Gurukun - I sincerely doubt it, although possible. Am guessing it's a writer using their own creativity to translate what she said in Japanese.

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She tweeted in English.

When I first saw her tweet, it kinda seemed like it was a lyric from a song. So I googled it. This is not really an original though of hers. It seems to have been bouncing around the Internet in one form or another for quite some time as an unattributed quote. Still sounds like something from a song to me. She probably saw it some where, liked it's meaning and it just stuck with her. Perhaps it will show up in one of her future songs.

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She finally twigged her ex was from Austria, not Australia. The former seems to confuse the hell out of most Japanese people. Probably was looking forward to a life of beaches and sunny weather.

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Divorce can be sad but also an experience of growth, change, and positive development for some. It is a psychological and emotional death for others. For most, it certainly is a time of tremendous stress, disruption, chaos, uncertainty , and craziness. With appropriate help from understanding and knowledgeable professionals, the process of divorce can be navigated successfully. It must been a very difficult time for her but I'm sure it all worked out for the best. Just take it one day at a time Ayumi. Ganbatte ne!

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What kind of PR game is she playing... I never understand.

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Why do all these "celebs/talents" have to make announcements to the world about their private lives. 99% of the population couldnt care less, reading all these "Im pregnant" "Im getting married" "Im getting a divorce" proclamations are about as interesting as watching paint dry.

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It is ironic, but she has spent most of her time this month out of Japan, she has been in Hawaii and then in Dubai for work. The reason for her divorce is that she wanted to spend her time in Japan after the earthquake. I found her reasoning and her behavior contradicting.

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She tweeted in English.

But one will never know if it was actually her that "tweeted" or not. It is not uncommon for celeb's or sports types to have people do their tweeting for them.

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Damn, the suspense is just killing me. I thought they would live happily ever after!

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Good riddance. All that guy wanted was her money anyways.

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“Never regret anything coz at one time it was exactly what u wanted…..” she tweeted.

sounds like a quote straight-off from someone's Tumblr page.

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