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Murakami plays antiwar songs on radio to protest Ukraine war


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“By the end of the show, I have a feeling that you’ll be more inspired to bring an end to war....."

....and yesterday we had the Princess saying she hoped we would all just get along.... call me cynical (though I'm not), but..... doesn't seem very realistic to me.....

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“Does music have the power to stop war? Sadly, the answer is no,” Murakami said. “But it has the power to make listeners believe that war is something we must stop.”

Seems like quite the reasoned, realistic take to me by Murakami.

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It would have been heartening if he'd also condemned the attempted genocide in Yemen, together with the endless wars in the Middle East and central Africa. Still, he gets a bonus point for playing Eddy Grant.

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I don't understand what's going on. First, nonstop renditions of "Imagine" had no effect on Putin, and now Murakami hasn't been able to turn back the tanks.

Perhaps early 90's grunge?

'70s easy-listening?

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Love Murakami's books. Great that he's doing this for a good cause.

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Murakami is sadly judged by people from all walks - both +ively & -ively.

He is his own person.

He writes his own mind.

He speaks his own mind.

He never seeks the "glory" that many of his supporters wish for.

He doesn't create to please critics.

He is an extremely intelligent expressive person who has a wonderful command of English/Japanese culture and language.

Great to see his anti-war play list.

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Good for Murakami. Songs carry. Eventually the Russian people will hear them, if they haven't already. Maybe Putin will hear them.

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“Unknown Soldier” by the Doors is a hidden gem.

Without bothering to look up this guy though, forgot if he is the one who wrote about the butler in England during WWII, or the Q something book in Japanese.

Regardless, I thought Give Peace a Chance instead of Imagine would have been more appropriate---seems a little commercialization creeped into Murakami's list.

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Murakami is anti war, it has nothing to do with who the aggressor is. There was a strong anti war movement in the 60s-70s in American against America. Perhaps your own political stance is making you miss the message?

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What about when war happened in Syria and Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia?! He is just collecting points from all around the world. It has became cool to speak against war in Ukraine. I'm burning his books I've ever bought. Literally 6 of them. I'm not going to regret it!

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I dunno this fellow but anyone who would play a cover version of Imagine I can’t take to seriously.

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 I'm burning his books I've ever bought. Literally 6 of them. I'm not going to regret it!

Radovan - not quite sure what that will achieve, but go ahead.

Bonfire of the Vanities.

As for it being cool to speak against war in Ukraine - those in the know, know there is never anything cool about war.

Murakami is simply putting together a list of anti-war songs that appeal to him.

He is a citizen of the world and has every right to convey his feelings - esp seeing they harm no-one.

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