Bob Dylan's 'The Complete Budokan 1978' box set a welcome release, flute and all


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This is a great recording, one of my very favourite live records. I'm gonna give it another whirl.

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He is nicely referred in the tricky Japanese mystery movie "The Foreign Duck, The Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker"

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I have the previous one.

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I have all his work.

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It can be jarring for those not already well-versed with the original 1979 live release.

I'd say.

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The first album I listened to was 1964, Another Side of Bob Dylan.

May "World Tour of 1966". Dylan played the Odeon Theater Liverpool.

He had an instant love for Liverpool.


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Seeing him in Nagoya during his latest tour here in spring rendered me a fan. Better late than never, I suppose. And this is a great record.

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Highway 61 was by far his most influential album. Dropped in 1965, it certainly touched the emerging electric scene in an important way. Mitch Mictell's grandson himself said shortly after recording Highway 61 Revisited, "I’m not gonna be able to make a record as good as that one”

He was right.

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The 1969 Ise of Wight concert listening to Dylan live was a memorial experience. Many times more following that. So many good London concerts.

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The Rolling Thunder Revue I think was his best tour and the live album is great. It's going to be hard to beat but willing to give a listen.

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Bob introduced the Fab 4 to Mary Jane

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"The Beatles met Bob Dylan for the first time at The Delmonico Hotel. Dylan and mutual rock journalist friend Al Aronowitz introduce the Fab Four to marijuana." Aronowitz introduced Dylan to the Beatles.


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No thanks, yawwwwn...

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The Rolling Thunder Revue I think was his best tour and the live album is great. It's going to be hard to beat but willing to give a listen.

The Budokan recordings are the anti Hard Rain tour, which had various recordings from orthodox Dylan to guitar heavy, rougher sound of the Rolling Thunder tour. The Hard Rain recording of Maggie's Farm is one of the best Dylan live songs.

He had a time when Street Legal came out that was somewhat glitzy and kinda weird for him, but nonetheless those recordings of lush Bob are quite good, including the Budokan recordings.

Personally, I love them all and listen to them all, for various moods. I Want You was a classic Blonde on Blonde recording, and yet, the flutes and slow down crooner version of Budokan is a classic in itself.

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