'Naked Gun' star George Kennedy dead at 91


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famed for his tough guy roles

Yeah, I really didn't know much about him before the Naked Gun movies but he was awesome as the captain in Naked Gun. RIP to George Kennedy, Leslie Nielsen and O.J.'s career.

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What does O.J. have to do with this ?

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What does O.J. have to do with this ?

He was in the Naked Gun movies along with the other actors DaDude mentions.

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He had a great role in The Eiger Sanction as well.

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91 is good going rest in peace big guy, sounds like you had a good innings!

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91 that a better innings than the English cricket team !!!!!! RIP young man.

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When writing a headline that someone has passed away, please use the phrase "has died" or "passed away" as using the word "dead" is a very cold and unsympathetic way of reporting the person's death. Having lost my sister to crime, and it being reported in the media, i feel this small change in wording helps to soften the shock to those affected by death.

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Clean forgot 'bout that ! Hazukashii na !

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One of the best character actors of the 20th century & I think i've seen all of his movies Rest in Peace,G.K.

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