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Namie Amuro album tops chart for 5th straight week


The latest best hits album of Namie Amuro, 30, “Best Fiction," tops the Oricon album chart again this week for the 5th straight week. It has also earned the top spot for best album sales in Japan by a female solo artist, music chart company Oricon said.

According to Oricon, the album has sold 1.25 million copies so far this year. Amuro will start a nationwide tour on Oct 25.

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not bad considering I haven't bought a CD in 5 years...

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wow. i mean wow. her career revived? what are japanese thinking?

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my question is WHY????

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I think she still looks like a 2-bit......well, you know.....

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I remember watching her and Suzuki Ranran on Ponkikis many years ago. Both were really cute then. Both have grown up well, one in singing the other in acting.

I prefer listening to her than to Kinki Kids, who have also broke a record.

I often wonder how much Japanese musicians are paid compared to their foreign counterparts. I it's like Yoshimoto Kogyo and their comedians, it's probably not a lot.

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I like the woman. Her singing is ok but sometimes her songs are just lame. I don't think she writes them though. Her voice is ok to me and I'd love to meat her.. meet her.

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i am so confused why the japanese idolize her so much. "kawaiii~!!!" I believe there are lines in her song that say "Give me chocolate, give me cake" or something like that? lol

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Erm, IchyaParadise. Namie has one child only right?

Anyway, she's hot, her songs are nice, but there was a period where her career went so low isnt it? If u do remember. So i wonder why she became popular again.

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fukata- It is supposedly because she is writing her own music now and doing stuff that is against the norm. She wants to do her "own thing," which is good for Japan. But meh...I saw some song she did with Double called Black Diamond, she was hot, but damn...the song made me laugh so hard. It was so ridiculous. My wife likes it...but damn.

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oh.. i didnt know she wrote her songs cuz i just listen to it. and i know about black diamond. but if u mean good stuffs, try listening to suite chic, where she paired up with a few hip-hop r&b artistes. they release an album and a remix. that's the best from namie, better than her music now.

and, many japanese musician wrote their own songs too and are equally talented, but they are just less lucky. namie has a huge music label behind her, where they only promote namie, ayumi and koda. do not be offended as im not saying bad things about namie, but believe me, her label can spend way much more than other labels. look at how they promote koda and ayu when they were at their prime.

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believe it or not but Namie Amro copies Janett Jackson..i am not talking abt any similarities or dissimarities between their bodies but Namie's numbers and dances can be lifted from Ms, Jackson's song and Namie knows how to sing english words too e.g. you are my sweet paradise, lets harmony, lets romance etc etc.. but i have to give her credit, she is singing and is popular for the last 10+ year esp. when japanese tend to like underage lolita type singers.

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