Nao Minamisawa tries out her Chinese on set of new drama


Actress Nao Minamisawa, 20, will appear in the forthcoming NHK drama "Maigo" (Lost Child) alongside 80-year-old Yun Yu Chun from China. Yun plays an elderly foreign lady who gets lost and seeks assistance from the people around her.

Describing day-to-day life on the set, Minamisawa -- who studied Chinese as her secondary foreign language at university -- said, "I thought I should try out my Chinese, so I would write notes in my notebook and point to them. It managed quite well."

The drama airs on NHK from Feb 19.

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I did the same in Korea. I wrote notes in Japanese kanji in my notebook and the locals could understand me. However, I haven't studied Korean, and surprisingly the price of everything went up.

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Who REALLY cares?

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wajisin at 08:57 AM JST - 23rd January

I did the same in Korea. I wrote notes in Japanese kanji in my notebook and the >locals could understand me. However, I

what is "Japanese kanji"? you meaning there is "Russian kanji"?

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Zenfreak: there are also "Korean kanji" known as Hanja.

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If I were to get lost in Tokyo, Nao Minamisawa would be one of the first people I'd ask for help! Even if she weren't wearing itsy-bitsy black hot pants...!

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ZenFreak: there are differences in the way of writing kanji in each country. The radical in particular. As Foxie has stated, there is hanja in Korea. Mainland China has a more simplified forms of kanji compared to the Taiwanese characters. The true reference would be Chinese characters, but using the term Japanese kanji alludes to the way the Japanese write Chinese characters. As for Russian kanji, I guess that could be their version of the cyrillic alphabet, for your reference Russian cyrillic.

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Mods. The name 'Nau' in the first line should probably be 'Nao'.

Moderator: It has been corrected. Thank you.

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kanji direct translation to " chinese characters " = Han ( dynasty ) character( word ).Meaning of the kanji could be different( sometimes ) from the chinese character though.

Mod....am i wrong about this ?

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Nice Microphone.

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She is smart for learning Chinese.

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Yes she is smart....one of the languages of the future...

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