NBR names 'Mad Max: Fury Road' best film of the year


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I don't know what drugs they are doing over at the NBR, but I watched this last night and should be listed as the WORST movie of 2015.

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The best films, in no particular order, that I've seen so far in 2015 are:

Shaun the Sheep Movie, Ex Machina, Spotlight, the Peanuts Movie, Sicario, Love and Mercy, Inside Out, and Red Army.

I also laughed a lot in Trainwreck and, admittedly with some shame, Pixels.

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has recently tried to shed its stodgy image,

That is one way to put it. Another is that they are desperate for attention. That could probably also explain making this announcement at the very beginning of December, before anyone else makes such an announcement. Its like "Hey look people! We are still relevant!"

That said, the IQs of movie goers seems to be nose-diving fast. You better dumb down to keep up or you won't be relevant. I could not even have imagined such garbage so praised even when I was a teenager. I pretty much lost the will to ever buy another movie ticket again after the second installment of "The Hobbit".

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With the manure that has been shown in the cinema these last years, it is no wonder the Mad max fury road is voted to the best movie, the movie does not pretend to be nothing else than an over the top action roller coaster and on that it delivers. I was expecting the worse when i went to see the movie and was pleasantly surprised.

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Huh? I do not find the Mad Max Fury Road that good. Mel Gibson was much more convincing that the new one. Since it is post-apocalyptic, I think people should be much leaner and thinner. So, in terms of visual, Mel Gibson was much more convincing that the new one.

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Already? 2015 isn't even finished yet, Leonardo di Caprio's the Revenant looks like its going to do big damage at the boxoffice.

Hollywood's "year" is different from the calendar year. The Academy Awards also does this so, for example, the new Star Wars movie will not be considered until next year even though it comes out this year.

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What about Dumb and Dumber To?

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NBR must be limited to 13 year old boys. Fury Road was a crapola snoozefest for the mouth breathers..

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Many good movies this year: Creed, Ex Machina, Beasts of No Nation, (I really liked) Spectre, Inside Out, (must-see) Spotlight, Demolition, (I liked) Macbeth and Jobs, and so on...

But I could watch Fury Road over and over and not get bored and that's a definition of a great movie for me. Furiosa was a revelation!

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I enjoyed this movie, but I don't know if I'd call it best of the year. Actually, I'm hoping that will be Star Wars, but I probably won't get to see it until the new year.

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What is more phantastic than what is happening between Turkey and Egyt right now?

As it is, fiction is chasing the real world.

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Haven't been to a cinema in 15yrs, hits will be shown about 6 months later on TV. Granted I only pay 1000yen for a ticket but more convenient to see it on my large TV at home.

By that I will know if it is worse watching, many new movies are meh alll action and SFX but lacking on story. I can get the same from online games.

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Admittedly I haven`t seen too many films this year, but I did catch this one and thought it was great. The story was simple, and it kept me interested and engaged from start to finish, which is exactly what I expect from a good action movie.

I liked the originals too, but who cares if Max wasn`t the main character in the reboot so long as it was a good movie? Rigidly tying a film franchise to its canon and demanding a formulaic role for its main character is just pointless and puts unnecessary limits on creativity. Way better that they produce a fun and exciting film in which Max plays a secondary role than a dry and boring one in which he is the lead.

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The current environment for making movies isn't very good overall, a sentiment which has been voiced by a number of actors/directors

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These people must be drunk. This movie is not just horrible but an insult to the original series with Max lowered to a mere extra. "Mario Kart from hell" describes well this botch.

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I loved the movie. I never thought I would, and after the first time I watched it, I just kind of felt shell-shocked. The movie shows a classic chase/race story in a world constructed from whole cloth. It is creative, exciting, surprising, funny, bleak, tragic... and by the end... just poignant. Max lost his family and home in the first movie, and his friends. By the second, he has lost a good chunk of his humanity, but you still see a spark. He breaks his promises and loses his honor in the third. By the time this movie rolls around, he is just a beaten up crust... until... he redeems himself as a hero.... and rides off into the sunset.

But who cares about the character, right? Frankly, it is worth the ticket price just to see the cars.

It's a masterpiece from a dead genre. And it will be the last. It must be recognized. All the other movies are Disney one way or another.

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Not sure about "best", but I can see why it's one of them. Fantastic movie. First time I saw it I didn't think much of it, and I still don't think the lead measures up to Gibson's Max, but it's actually very well done, and definitely has the "fury".

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Doesn't say much for 2015.

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Already? 2015 isn't even finished yet, Leonardo di Caprio's the Revenant looks like its going to do big damage at the boxoffice.

I agree, it was a great flick but definitely not the best.

I heard good things about "The Martian"

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Really? Best movie of the year? I find that hard to believe! There was some good action in it and the special effects were quite good, but the story was crap! It was virtually the same story as Thunderdome without Angry Anderson.

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