Neglected creator of 'Bambi' celebrated in Vienna show


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Everything from Disney is bought or stolen, the only original thing is the stinky rat.

LOL !!..

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Disney had been rolling in cash from all these characters that were never truly created by them.

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A sad and tragic life yet ‘a legacy’ adored by many.

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has been…” @Hiro 7:06am?

- “Disney ‘had been’ rolling in cash from all these characters that were never truly created by them.”

or continues to…” ?

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Many others here will tell you, like the Marvel & StarWars franchises, once they’re purchased, Disney can do as they please.

Well, … not exactlydo as they please” and “rolling in cash’:

Disney’s current financing, overall ‘content approval’ and distribution currently comes from the Chinese Government. - Plus, the government keeps 70% of the ‘gross’ box office proceeds in China.

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Even if Felix Salten were alive today, Disney would never acknowledge him.

However, they will acknowledge, and thank, oppressors very similar to those Salten fled.

- “The producers of ‘Mulan’ would like to offer a ‘Special Thanks’ to the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Committee” -

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It is ironic that it was Disney that pushed the latest intellectual property rights law through in the USA to protect Mickey.

But had that law been in effect before many of Disney's big hits would have been in violation of that law.

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Interesting article, never though too much about Bambi and it was surprising to find out a story so interesting behind it. May change the way I see it from now on.

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