Neil Young ends lawsuit against Donald Trump's campaign over use of his songs

By Jonathan Stempel

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Yes, how dare artists protect their intellectual property!!!! 

In the case of pop music the, ahem, “artists” are usually only too happy for it to be disseminated far and wide by any means possible - its all advertising for their “product”, as is their faux outrage over Trumps use of it. As they say in the business, “any publicity is good publicity”. Most of them probably voted for Trump though theyd never admit it - that would hurt sales.

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He should have used "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"...

Excellent point! Better song, better artist and Daniels wouldn’t have been whiny about his song being used, probably would have been honored.

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Chryssie has class.

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Chryssie Hind doesnt mind Rush Limbaugh using her music for his show.

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It would be great to see someone actually win a significant lawsuit against trump.

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expatToday  12:46 pm JST

He should have used "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"...

Maybe 'Traitor' by Motorhead, or 'Loudmouth' or 'Mama's Boy' by the Ramones. And the Village People, Rolling Stones and others are ready to nail him too.

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Really, politicians make laws against piracy, they protect copyright laws and then we have this

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Trump used "Electric Avenue"? Oh no!! (vrooooom)

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