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Neil Young relents on streaming


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"Streaming sucks" So why the u-turn? Money doesn't suck, does it? Mr Young, kindly be sincere from the start and focus on making great music - something you are very good at. Leave the insincerity and hypocrisy to the politicians.

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What? Nearly all of his catalog was available on Rhapsody for years. Amazon has had his stuff available for some time as well. It sounds more like a money issue and Spotify wouldn't pay him waht he wanted.

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Prince is the most notable artist to be absent from iTunes and Spotify.

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"We got a kindler gentler machine gun hand.....keep on rockin in the free world!"

Let your musi stream Neil. You have a lot to say!

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“Streaming sucks. Streaming is the worst audio in history. If you want it, you got it. It’s here to stay,” Young wrote on Facebook.

So does Facebook, so why are you using it?

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No one here has agreed or disagreed about the quality of streamed music. So, no one here has a decent home system to compare full sized aiff or wav files to streaming? Or vinyl?

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It's amazing what people will sacrifice for the sake of "convenience".

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The thing is (apart from the money) that actually streamed music doesn't sound that bad. Convenience is great when is backed up by decent sound quality - after all the content is more important!

Remember the tapes or noisy radio stations of the 80's ? This is what we had then - running to the tape recorder to record some song that you like. Hiss and low quality was the norm so the vinyl was the holly grail! With improvement of tape decks (with bias hed correction and calibration for tape material) things got better but it was not mass - just the people who craved high quality went to spare the cash for those machines.

Now after MP3 came to most people used to low quality even sub-128mps was like an eye opener. From then on the so called compressed music has gotten better and what is streamed is additionally compressed and enhanced to sound good on lesser equipment. And with the mobile the norm now actually the degradation comes from the commuter's surround noises rather than the stream itself. With one word - I'm glad we live in such time - I'm discovering so much new and old music that I wouldn't have been aware in my lifetime without streaming. It's beyond overwhelming!!!

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