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Neil Young to release entire archive of recordings for free


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No, I overlooked it.

As your posting history hits all the obvious rightwing talking points - you're a one-trick pony in that respect, and it's really not that great a trick - the idea that you're actually an admirer of Neil Young's work is intriguing.

For that to be the case, you'd need to be masochistically oblivious to the fact that he frequently releases what can only be viewed as "political" albums, and they invariably promote what you despise. Much of it would come under what you call virtue signalling.

He's not completely consistent; most famously, over 30 years ago, he went through a Reagan/don't mess with Uncle Sam phase, which lasted all of about 3 months. However If you look at his album output since 2000, the majority have promoted liberal, inclusive, progressive ideas: Greendale, Living with War, Fork In the Road, The Monsanto Years, Peace Trail, Earth.

This ought to be absolute aural torture for someone with your political outlook. With this particular artist, you can't separate the words from the guitar playing; he's a songwriter and the message in the songs is integral to the music and to the whole body of work. And it's not as if there aren't any number of more or less apolitical musicians you could latch onto, the majority actually fit that description, even those who is some way were identified with the "counterculture", like the Rolling Stones.

I do sympathize on one level though: if you're looking for musicians who better reflect your own political outlook, it's pretty thin pickings, isn't it? Who in their right mind would want to listen to the Nooge day in and day out?

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Wipeout - you seriously don’t detect the tiniest bit of sarcasm there?

Not even a little?


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Doubt he could charge much for it anyways!

About $25 per album on HD Tracks, $18 for a few of the cheaper ones. More in Britain. In each format, whether vinyl, CD, or digital download, there's little in the way of bargains. A Neil Young album costs the full whack of what you'd pay for any artist of his generation, or for anyone making it big today. In that sense, he's "worth" exactly the same as anyone else, certainly not less, although it isn't the artists who decide what an album or a digital download should cost anyway.

Neil Young is soooo old and gross!

Yeah but he can do this at 71

and this at 72

while you can't be sure you'll even see 70, .

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Toasted Heretic: "A great artist. Perhaps Canada's finest after the late, great Leonard Cohen."

Agreed on this one for sure. At least, maybe the next most influential, if you don't like him (I do, but some obviously don't).

kawabegawa: "Doubt he could charge much for it anyways!"

Someone sure isn't a math whiz. And the man has had a huge impact in the music world, with "Sweet Home Alabama" even being written by Lynyrd Skynyrd as a reaction to Young's "Southern Man".

I think it's great Young is doing this.

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A great artist. Perhaps Canada's finest after the late, great Leonard Cohen.

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Neil is also famous for his commercial work. He’s pretty cool.

I’m a fan of his Hydrogen powered H2 Hummer.

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kawabegawa198Today  09:26 am JST

Doubt he could charge much for it anyways


Neil Young, highest paid musician in the world, 2017.

He made $40 million more than Number 2.

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This guy has been a big force in trying to improve lives through music.

It's too bad his PONO music player didn't work out as he had planned. I was excited about it.

Glad he is doing this.

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still has voice of an angel

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Doubt he could charge much for it anyways!

Well, he's no One Direction. Neil Young is soooo old and gross!

I mean, totally gross me out with a spoon!

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Doubt he could charge much for it anyways!

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He never seemed to be consumed with making money.

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