Netflix and Disney poised to shake up TV ad world

By Thomas URBAIN

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Sounds like regular TV but now you're paying for it.

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When the time comes, Disney+ will transition its existing $7.99-per-month subscription tier to the ad-supported version, and the ad-free option will go for $10.99, the company has said.

Or, just keep the price at $7.99 per month? There are too many subscription services in existence, all with their own beneficial content making it easier for users to hop around. Increasing existing prices may very well back-fire because who the heck wants to keep their Disney+ subscription with limited content for 10.99? The lower costing option with ads included sounded good at first, but this is if existing prices remained and the lower cost was $3.99 per month. Now it just sounds like Disney is trying to squeeze in profits by scamming users to pay more or suffer through ads.

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Netflix and Disney..

The two most greatest world TV garbages..

At least my world is not going to shake up..

That's for the sheep, lol..

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Imagine... Paying to see ads. Peak clown world.

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The industry still doesn't understand why people have been using Steam for games reliably.

If you fragment the market and increase prices all the time, people will just start to pirate again.

And they WILL be pirating after Netflix and Disney do this. The first step was already made when Disney+ came into existance after pulling all content from Netflix.

Big CEO's shouldn't think people are powerless about this. The internet is still a big place with a lot of smart people that don't like profiteering.

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@Bob you hit the nail on the head it will be time to get a VPN server set up again.

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