Netflix boss predicts mobile operators will soon offer unlimited video


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Netflix rocks!!! Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist up next. Best programming on your planet right now.

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I read somewhere yesterday that Netflix uses 1/3 of the entire bandwidth of the USA. Craziness.

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Recall when bittorrent hogged much of the internet bandwidth, lol

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I already have unlimited streaming thanks to an all you can eat data plan from my mobile provider. So it's hardly a new idea.

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Yes I also have an "unlimited plan" from my mobile provider and it actually means max 7gb a month and I think 2-3gb per 24 hours. Never crossed my mind to watch a show on anything smaller than a 40" though :p

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My data plan is literally unlimited... there is no data cap on it. My iPad had a 2gb cap that I requested as I intend to use that mostly as a photo editor or wi-fi device.

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