Netflix must face 'Queen's Gambit' lawsuit, U.S. judge rules


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Netflix: being sexist in a movie about women's empowerment.. someone had one job and couldn't get it right.

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Two points I’d like to make: 1) Nona Gaprindashvili must be watching the show. Having a US TV show made about your life, well maybe she should just shrug it off, unless she’s not getting any cash for it. Which leads to point 2) it was meant to be sexist, even if they knew it was untrue, because that’s what modern US and UK TV does, creates false offensive characters or storylines so they can plop in their woke/social justice message.

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Why did they even use a person’s real name, when all other characters are fictional?

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I watched some of this series but got bored after it started showing sex scenes. Is there a correlation between sex and chess? It is one of the reasons i never watch western style movies or tv series, sex scenes mean only one thing, the director or who ever in charge, has no real content to add to the plot/story so roll out a sex scene. And what is worse, they think it is art.

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