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Netflix sets $7 monthly price for its ad-supported service


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I have never used Netflix. I can remember will I first learnt of Netflix when I was listening the Australian ABC radio while driving south of Ito, Shizuoka in August 2014. I remember telling myself this will be the end of DVD rental services. People can't get enough of American style entertainment. I my opinion the worst sort. I have not view or watch this type of media since Monty Python. IT has been down hill since for this industry. Then in 2000 script writers went on strike and never to be employed again in this industry. What did Industry boss do to replace these script writers. They pull out old comic and transferred the script and story line movies.

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The beginning of the end for them. The regular price wasn't bad but the content was stale. I don't think the price was/is an issue. Having to sit through unsolicited ads will be the final straw if they come mid-watching a movie or TV show.

Ironically I'd pay more for a more extensive back catalog of vintage movies and TV shows.

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Ok, Netflix garbage, no thanks..

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Psst, Netflix... I don't know if you've heard, but Youtube and TVer don't charge anything for their ad supported content.

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So they've "innovated" to the point of charging a subscription fee and including ads? Can hardly wait to see what they add next. Maybe pay-per-view shows that require Netflix Plus? A forced 2 minutes of product placement in the middle of their best shows?

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Once of these days I will cut it altogether, commercial or not. Keeping it because of the wife.

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Great idea. Now a lot more people will be able to enjoy the shows on Netflix. I haven’t had a TV for 10 years. Everything is available on the internet. Only old people seem to watch tv these days.

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I might sign up for a month or two and binge watch over winter. I've no idea what's on there but guess it must be mostly Hollywood. If money were no object I'd sign up to a VPN and join the Criterion Collection streaming thing, because I'm into the more offbeat and arty stuff they do. Star 1 and 2 show some pretty good French films etc. in Japan but not with English subs.

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Thank goodness for Netflix. If I turn on my Japanese TV and see one more damn show about eating something mundane like fried chicken or white rice, I'll go insane.

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Certainly a lot of people with negative thoughts on Netflix, although they admit to never watching it, or even knowing what is on it.

It actually has a lot of TV shows and movies, commissioned by Netflix made in countries all around the world.

The biggest problem is finding the content.

Disney is almost 100% Hollywood stuff… seeing as they bought everything out.

Unfortunately once the owners of the huge back catalogs of great stuff from the past 100 years related they originally licensed it to Netflix for peanuts when it started, they have now pulled most, sold their catalogs to the highest bidder or started their own streaming service.

Quality is out there, just takes too long to find and spread over way too many streaming services now.

There are some excel documentary streaming platforms that are a few dollars a month.

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Netflex is trying to capture the stingee peoples business by giving a 3 us dollar discount to compete with Hulu and Peakok which are cheaper. I believe it is not worth it, as ads are usually not good for entertainment. I am a pioneer users of Netflex and won't want to lower its quality for a worthless 3 dollar.

I believe it is good for Netflex business to keep its cheaper customers from leaving to other product providers, ads are expensive I suggest the monthly subscription to come down to 5 us dollar, as Amazon and Roku gives free television with advertisement. Netflex to do better or will lose in today's competitive market.

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@2year old - my sentiments exactly.

Only non-watchers would think that Netflix is the right arm of Hollywood.

The original content from so many countries offers a plethora of good movies - 100s & 100s.

Then you've got all the mainstream content, classics, documentaries etc etc etc.

All for 25 cents a day.

And for 30 cents a day you can share on up to 4 devices.

Cheap never had such value.

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I cancelled Netflix. They spend all of their money making their own 'binge' shows, not nearly enough on bringing in good movies (and documentaries which is what I like). I'm not into drama/action shows.

Most of the movies on Netflix are crap.

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I've never used netflix streaming, but did have a DVD subscription for a number of years. Their DVD catalog is huge - over 100,000 titles - unlike the offers they have on the streaming service.

It was really great, since the DVDs would arrive in 1 day. Then the USPS and Netflix came to an agreement to slow shipping down and it doubled the time each direction. Instead of 3 DVDs/week, we'd get 2. Basically, it was 1/3rd price increase for the value, so we canceled. That was years ago.

When we had a subscription, discs that didn't work happened about once a year. Suppose that's from bad handling by customers and the USPS, causing the discs to be unreadable. Fill out a form online and they'd mail a replacement or the next disc in the queue the next day rather than wait for the bad discs to be returned first.

Just read that their streaming catalog has been reduced 40% since 2014, down to about 3500 items in the US. Every country/region has different rights holders, so the numbers change based on the physical location.

So, 100K+ titles on DVD vs about 3500 titles for streaming. If you love movies, there's really no choice. You want the DVD subscription.

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better than watching NHK

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