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Netflix subscribers jump despite price hikes


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I would jump, too. Jump off.

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That’s strange. I was told Netflix was packed with woke content on here.

Very strange.

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It seems their bet was correct, may or not work in behalf of the public depending on consolidation of a fragmented offer.

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Great news! I just love Dave Chappelle. NetFlix can't be canceled.

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That’s strange. I was told Netflix was packed with woke content on here.

it is. They’ve just signed a 10-year deal to stream men in underpants who cuddle each other according to the article.

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NFLX gather massive data, impressive subscriber customization and synergies. They're tech DNA, not Hollywood, think Tesla vs. Ford in automotive.

Hollywood Fat Cat Cockroaches have burned bridges with the talent, greedy SOBs, NFLX and Amazon MUCH preferred by the industry talent HAS OPTIONALITY.

You catch my drift bro?!

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Don't get the hate for Netflix, Many of their original movies are better than most stuff in theaters. Documentaries, stand-up specials, a few pretty good series and for (gasp)$22 a month. I still need to look into a vpn for the US reigion, if there's anyone here who has it, is the content that different?

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