Netflix will cut 'Bird Box' footage months after outcry


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If Netflix would stop canceling my favorite shows, that’d be great.

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Netflix is getting a tad expensive considering all the other online options. But canceling this movie is too much. Why not just edit that scene out? Crap movie anyway, but still, some people enjoy it.

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Why not just edit that scene out?

Umm.... why not read the story?

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if you are talking about the marvel shows, it’s because Netflix had no other choice than to cancel them. They would be producing and creating something that would ultimately end up on a rival streaming service once Disney launches theirs this year. Especially since Disney plans on pulling all their content off of other streaming services and will make it only available on theirs.

With all the movies that use train crash scenes and fiery train scenes, did they really have to go the route of using an actual real accident? This was done out of laziness. Now they probably ended up spending more money making these changes than just doing something else from the beginning.

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