Netflix woos Japan with new original series about a reporter's exchange with Suga


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Good, she was treated so badly by Suga for doing her job. It says a lot about the man. He is called the Shadow but hangman might be more in keeping with his style. I pity the fool who crosses paths with him. That being all of us in Japan.

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"an original series set in Japan about a journalist who challenges authority"

It's a fantasy drama then.

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The survival of democracy in Japan depends on the reporting of more Mochizukis who can help turn today's candle in the wind of soul-withered politicians like Suga and his ilk into tomorrow's flame of freedom to light the way to a better future. This new TV series is sorely needed.

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One hit among its original Japanese content has been its “The Naked Director,” based on the life of a pornography filmmaker. It premiered last year and a second season is being shot.

Netflix has a few diamonds amongst the rough but a lot of it is B grade material.

I recently cancelled my sub because of this.

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Hilarious. I knew a reporter in japan who attended government press briefings etc as part of his job. He told me, in Japan a reporter never rocks the boat with ruling party politicians, let alone “doggedly pursuing” anything to do with them otherwise its Access Denied.

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More political satire and critique needed in Japan. If it is pointed critique, expect the LDP to try some sort of stealth protest/retaliation but hopefully Netflix is beyond the means they use to control the dinosaur press in Japan.

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Point blank there isnt & has NEVER been any free press in Japan, not even close!

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As I was reading, thought it would be a good role for Yonekura Ryoko (DrX, Legal V). Then I saw she is indeed going to play the main role

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Journalists all over the world have become narcissistic copywriters and or fashion models on The visual media. Care only for personal exposure and profits.

Few exceptions remain. Very few

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Challenges authority in Japan? Yeah, you just know it's fiction. What next? Free press in both Japan and China?

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I don't watch Terrace House but taking the episodes where Hana Kimura are in off air seems reactionary unless the family requested it. Showing those episodes could lead to further discussion about suicide and mental health and a reminder what those awful trolls did. Also it is weird Netflix takes the hit for what those PoS did on Social media.

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It's called i-新聞記者ドキュメント- on Netflix.

I'm loving it. This reporter is my new idol.

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This is good, as the mainstream journalism in Japan is really really weak and only a copy / past info spreader for the politicians, bureaucrats, companies and prosecutors. The only part they seems good at is digging into TV "Talents" love affairs!!

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"Japanese are too used to viewing TV for free" - surely this should read "Japanese are too used to viewing TV for the ¥25,000 per year NHK fee"?

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How about the reporter who told Motegi not to be condescending when he dodged answering a question about the discriminatory double standards set for foreigners returning to Japan? Even though he set the rule he told her to ask immigration. Unfortunately she was not allowed to ask follow up questions to get a real answer. After dismissing her question he spoke down to her again saying 分かりました?答え分かりました? even without having answered it.

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People, under Abes rule, a reporter was drugged and raped, then even with video evidence of Abes friend doing it was not prosecuted, the taxi driver thought this is wrong. My wife says Suda is in his place to ensure Abe and his friends don't get justice. It's refreshing, to have an outside opinion, not going to happen internally. It's sad the system works the way it does. Rape is ok if they are friends of the LDP, worse is the prosecutor doing nothing.

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I think after what happened to Assange, free journalism is pretty much dead. My Japanese partner is constantly shocked about news I tell about the world. I’m told most Japanese news is very scripted and limited, but world news is basically a few lines somewhere.

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I had to read that headline twice. At first I thought it said, “reporter’s sexchange with Suga.”

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The best thing about Netflix is that only one subscription is necessary to view region-specific content. You just use your one login (in my case, a US subscription), and you will be offered whatever programming is offered to subscribers in the country you are connecting from. (or, appear to be connecting from if using a VPN.)

Amazon Prime and Hulu require separate subscriptions for US and Japan, which is quite annoying. Amazon's method of providing different language audio and subtitles is also done quite poorly compared to Netflix' easy method.

All in all, I find my Netflix subscription to be worth it. Now, if only they would subtitle more JP programming in English...

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Netflix Japan is not worth the subscription it is printed on what will make this movie any better without English subtitles for foreigners to enjoy it too. Most of the good movies made in Japan don't even offer English subtitles for subscribers to enjoy as other countries do. Or if another country has English subtitles outside Japan, when it comes to Netflix Japan it is cut off and one can't enjoy to see it again if one chooses. No English subtitles. Netflix Japan: poor rating. If only they quit hiding behind fake policies that don't exist.

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I canceled Netflix after finding out about Cuties. Sexual exploitation of children is absolutely disgusting.

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Netflix officials say some Amazon users may use its online retail services without watching streaming content.

Duh. I hardly watch Amazon streaming. Only watched Westworld when it got to prime, but now that they have the StarEX paid channel I don't know if it'll ever be "free". At least with Netflix, I know I can watch everything on it without being charged extra fees.

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If it's as funny s the Trump-Axious interview, I'm in.

If not, pass.

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Netflix, 5 years in Japan? Has it been that long? And I have YET to see any episodes of The Office on there. Thanks Netflix Japan. You really know how to pick em.

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The participants seem fairly mainstream so I have my doubts it will have teeth. But if it succeeds in triggering the thin-skinned LDP jijis it is worth my Netflix subscription.

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The participants seem fairly mainstream so I have my doubts it will have teeth

I hope they respect the dorama canon so that Yonekura gets to slap Suga in the face and Suga does the kabe-don on Abe.

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French cuffs and ripped jeans in this heat?

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