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Networks unite to create new sports streaming platform


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Can you bet this won't be available in Japan.

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Can you bet this won't be available in Japan.

Of course we won't be able to view it. Have you ever watched Hulu Japan? It is totally different from what is offered in the US. And even if we are able the price will be triple what it will be offered in the States.

I was thinking of singing up for the NFL package as I saw an add on Facebook. I think it was $79.00 a year. Went to the sight, said Japan was out of market, but DAZN offers it. Went there and they wanted Y26,000 a year!

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ESPN's coverage of England's Premier League football is actually better than UK coverage. It uses much more knowledgable pundits and commentators.

As for Japan, yes, they'll just rip you off and dump you on an international feed with "treat you like you are dumb" commentators. The Superbowl always has someone saying "the team has to advance the ball 10 yards in four downs", and not Chris Collingsworth or someone telling you all the routes the receivers are running or what the blocking pattern is on a running play.

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The headline got me excited; alas the article is not about J-Sports, DAZN, Gaora, Abema, Tokyo MX and WOWOW.

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In Japan, I am a wowow subscriber. 2,500 jpy/month, and they cover a lot of tennis, my main interest, also boxing and mma. I personally don't watch, but they do have soccer, volleyball, golf, etc.

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The photo makes it look like Iger has no legs.

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Of course it won't be available legally in Japan. Doesn't mean you won't be able to subscribe to it and watch via VPN.

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Hollywood's lost its luster, or more precisely their monopoly! Talent that makes products, LIKES more production options, especially Net Flicks and Amazon!

Think former elite Hollywood Producer, convicted rapist criminal slob Harvey Weinstein, my how times have changed for the better!

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Japan keeps a tight reign on TV broadcasting ask yourself how many times have you watched TV programs of a sports event only to see the screen go talk and only hear the audio and the writing talking about the rights to owner going across the screen explaining why they are protecting the images.

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Do you like your sport woked with a side of Disney

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@kohakuebisu: ESPN do not cover the PL in the US. NBC do. But, it has to be said, the coverage is very good. Not as good as SKY or TNT from the UK - but very good.

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How long before these Sport professional are gaged for their views on social issues. Like none would be able to voice their opinion if it goes against Disney stance on a subject. This happen to Gina Carano who got the sack from Star Wars (Disney) Now She is suing Disney for wrongful dismissal and Elon Musk in paying for her legal fees.

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