Never too old: Five aging action heroes

By Frederic J. BROWN

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I'd probably have put Jean Claude Van Damme on the list ahead of Danny Trejo. I wouldn't really consider Trejo an action hero. He is more of a character actor, but then again, JCVD is only 60. Also, where is Bruce Willis? He is 65.

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Love them all except for the last guy.

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They should retire and donate more money to charities. In most cases the trigger is MONEY. Greed is one of the most dishonourable values in today's consumer society.

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I no longer support Jackie Chan because he is pro CCP and I am opposite.

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The "pathetic ones", specially the last one..

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Have loved Jackie Chan so much more than the others, which is a source of great disappointment.

Clint and Sly are not what I would call "never too old". They have not aged well.

Arnie has been very amusing during this covid period with his pets and general light entertainment.

Harrison, who wasn't even included in the five, is the only one still acting, right?

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Alright, Octogenarian action heroes. Only one can actually act. The movie industry is so bankrupt it creates absurd charades with performers who are well beyond shelf life - unable to have functioned as thespians, they engaged in various forms of cowboys & Indians. There are no younger, more limber action 'stars' to fill-up the screen. The old-codgers are doing little other than padding their bank accounts. Many are in the great-grandpa range.

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