New Bob Dylan album 'Tempest' set for September release


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Dylan is about the only artist I can forgive for releasing an album of Christmas songs.

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Please, never give me one of his albums as a gift.

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Personally i think he is a terrible singer with an even worse voice, however he can write some good songs or more appropriately poems set to music.

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He's a great singer with an interesting voice. Unfortunately there's not much left of his voice after doing over 100 concerts a year since 1989.

50 years of recording albums. Quite a feat!

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He didn't sing like Elvis or Roy Orbison but it was an individual and very expressive voice. His vocals on 'Like A Rolling Stone' are superb. As a songwriter, he is one if the greats - apart from those awful god albums.

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Rock on!

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He is an artist

and actually a hellavu guitar player. A Poet.. I don't think anyone alive is on his level.

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