New feature-length 'One Piece' anime to air in December

By Kay, RocketNews24

Eighteen years after making its serial debut in the Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine, Eiichiro Oda’s internationally popular manga/anime franchise "One Piece" is still going strong, even being turned into a kabuki performance this year.

Well, with the Holiday Season approaching, it seems "One Piece" fans will have a huge treat to look forward to just in time for Christmas. Yes, a brand new feature-length "One Piece" anime will air on TV next month, and details have just recently been released. The anime, titled "One Piece — Adventure of Nebulandia," will be broadcast on Japanese national TV on Dec 19, and fans should be thrilled to see some familiar enemies from the past.

So, who’s coming back from a previous story line? Well, remember the Foxy Pirates — the group of pirates led by Foxy that was beaten by Luffy’s Straw Hat gang at the sinister game of “Davy Back Fight”? Well, apparently they haven’t forgotten the humiliation of their defeat, and after reaching the treacherous waters of the “New World”, they’ve been waiting for their chance to take their revenge on the Straw Hat Pirates.

They’ve now even added a few powerful new members to their gang, and with their reinforced forces, manage to trick and capture some members of Luffy’s crew. Luffy and his team set off to rescue their crewmates and find themselves on a mysterious, fog-filled island that appears to have certain dark powers of its own … and thus the adventure begins!

What fate awaits the Straw Hat Pirates, and how will they stand up to the Foxy gang on this ominous island? You can bet fans will be eagerly awaiting to see how this original, made-for-TV story plays out.

If you’re in Japan, the anime will air from 9 p.m. to 11:10 p.m. on December 19 on Fuji TV Network. Those of you who are able to see it, we hope you enjoy the usual fun camaraderie within the team, the awesome pirate action, and of course, the excitement of seeing the familiar characters in a whole new story.

Source: Cinema Today

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Since this is not a theatrical release but shown specifically on TV, it's possible that this special may be shown in the USA on the Crunchyroll video streaming service (Crunchyroll has the legal video streaming rights for One Piece in the USA and a number of other countries).

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